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Comprehensive Complete Guide to a Successful CRM Testing

In recent times, organizations around the globe are increasingly adopting CRM systems. The ability of the CRM systems to streamline business operations, manage customer life-cycle, and enhance customer satisfaction is the main reason for its growing demand. However, in order

step by step guide for web application testing
A Complete Step By Step Guide for Web Application Testing

In order to grow the online presence of businesses, the development of website applications is on the rise. However, making the application error-free is important to enhance the reputation of the brand as well as customer reputation. Here, the need

What is Selenium? How to use Selenium in Test Automation?

In the world of software testing, Test Automation is the new market trends. Every software companies are trying to use it. it will help them to test application faster and release quickly. There are lot’s of tools available into the

Best Practices Software Testing That Every One Must Follow

Did you know? IBMstates that the cost of errors increases continuously and the bug can cost you 30 times more than you discover them in early stages. But the matter is Why does the bug grow? Conventional mindset, “We Will