Appium automation testing services

Mobile apps need to be of high quality to survive the competition. Our Appium automation testing services can help you achieve that and help you amplify the quality of mobile apps.


What makes appium so popular for mobile automation?

Open Source

It is a very popular and open-source tool for web browser automation.


Support for native, mobile, web, and hybrid apps

Huge Community

It enjoys a huge community of developers and testers.

Integrates with CI/CD

It helps to execute tests on physical devices and other CI/CD tools.

Easy to set up

As compared to other tools, for convenient experience.

Multi-language Support

Language support for Java, C#, Python, JS, Ruby, Perl, etc.

High Compatibility

Supports iOS, Android, Chrome, macOS, Windows, and more.

We help your mobile apps stand out.

Get started

Understanding the scope for automation.

We start our testing project by understanding the requirements of our clients. The initial step is to determine the scope of automation in your project.

Selecting test cases for automation.

It's not possible to automate every test case. Newly designed test cases or test cases with frequently changing requirements may not be suitable for automation. We decide on the test cases with our expertise to help you achieve better ROI.

Define device pool

Depending on the requirements of our clients, we define the appropriate device pool for testing. With high-end devices, we ensure optimum outcomes to benefit our clients.

Framework design and integration.

Framework is an essential requirement for developing automated tests better. The framework helps in optimizing test development through code reuse. We help you leverage the most suitable framework that integrates effectively with any development lifecycle.

Test script development.

We determine the best strategies for optimum execution of the tests. We ensure a supportive environment to run the automated tests successfully.

Script Maintenance.

As an application goes through significant changes, the test cases should also go through a related maintenance cycle. However, we ensure frequent maintenance of test scripts at regular intervals for better coverage and scope.

Related tools that we make use of.

The process we follow

From requirement analysis to flawless release


Understanding your project needs to pinpoint the scope and key quality criteria.


Summarizing results with insightful data and presenting them to stakeholders.


Archiving test artefacts and using feedback loops for continuous improvement.


Mapping out a comprehensive testing strategy and allocating necessary resources.


Running test scenarios to identify bugs, log defects, and ensure functionality.

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Seamless journeys from ideation to release across  industries.

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Appium has proved to be a reliable tool for QA Testers to perform automation testing for mobile apps.

Why Choose Us?

Our customized infrastructure exclusively crafted to suit your business needs
Team of experts you can count on
Process centric approach to guild right path along with continues involvement of collaborators and improvement
Total Data privacy. A Must!

What is Appium testing?

Appium testing is an automation testing performed to validate mobile browsers and applications in both android and iOS platforms with Appium tool. Read more: What is Appium Automation Testing?

Is Appium only for mobile?

Appium also holds the potential to test Windows desktop applications but it is majorly used for mobile automation testing.

What can you automate with Appium?

With Appium, we can automate testing for native, hybrid and mobile web applications.

Does Appium require coding?

Appium does not require coding to perform tests or require source code and libraries but you have to have a basic understanding of the language to automate it.

Is Appium better than Selenium?

Appium has the ability to automate all types of web applications along with mobile applications. Selenium can automate all types of web applications but it cannot automate mobile applications.

Is Appium an HTTP server?

Yes, Appium is an HTTP server written in node.js programming language that receives commands from the Appium client and executes them into mobile devices.

How can we get started with Appium automation testing for your project?

To kickstart Appium automation testing for your project, consider collaborating with QAble , the leading provider of software testing services in India . We can ensure a robust and reliable testing process, resulting in improved software quality, faster releases, and an enhanced user experience for your mobile applications.

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APIs are an integral part of modern applications. They serve as the powerhouse of your applications. Taking chances with the APIs could turn out badly.

Why choose us?

Over the last 10 years, we have  improved the frameworks over the period of time to make it more accurate and fast.Our rich suite of pre-built libraries and frameworks not only provide support to the process but acts as a booster to your testing cycle.Your data is safe in our hands. We understand the importance of confidentiality and data privacy. We make sure to keep it end-to-end.

What is Selenium automation testing?

It is an automation testing process to test web applications across different browsers and platforms with the Selenium tool.

How many frameworks are there in Selenium?

There are 3 types of frameworks available in Selenium based on their functional approach.
Data-driven framework
Keyword-driven framework
Hybrid framework

Is Selenium a single tool?

No. Selenium is not a single tool but it's a suite of software with different functionalities to help perform the automation testing.

Which tools are available in the Selenium suite?

How can we get started with Selenium automation testing for our project?

Partnering with QAble, one of the leading software testing company in India, you can be assured of a high-quality testing process, faster feedback, and improved software reliability, helping you achieve your project goals effectively.

QA Consulting Services

Let’s Co-create the right QA strategies

We love to know about you and your business. Let's grab the Coffee, Notepad and have lots of discussion on How we can solve your testing pain and Make your software flawless.