5 Game Testing Hacks to Get the Best Results

8 Apr
Game Testing

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    Table of Contents

    1. Pro Tip 1: Play like a layman
    2. Pro Tip 2: Check out the fun
    3. Pro Tip 3: Check compatibility
    4. Pro Tip 4: Reach the end of the game
    5. Pro Tip 5: Look for old errors in the current code

    Game testing is the most crucial part of your game development lifecycle. It determines if your game is ready to launch or not.

    It highlights important elements like user experience, inconsistency, Audio-video errors, a coherence that might hinder game success.

    Here are a few game testing pro tips that might help you check your game and get the best results.

    Pro Tip 1: Play like a layman

    Play the game like you are playing it at home, relaxed and on your computer. The only difference between the playing is that you are focusing on finding errors in the game.

    This technique is called Ad-Hoc testing, game testing tools are used in this technique to find errors from the user-end.

    • It’s an unstructured way of testing.
    • Mainly done to find errors.
    • It also includes error guessing.

    Pro Tip 2: Check out the fun

    User experience if optimum importance for your game. Checking the fun of the game is one of the most important game testing tips that you should implement.

    Check out if the user likes to play the game or not. This technique is called functionality testing, and it covers generic graphics and user interface bugs, including audio-video.

    It determines if the application is working according to the specifications. It also covers the download and installation of the game. If the app works in minimized, the game allows social networking options or supports payment gateways and much more.

    • Complex testing method, as it includes black-box testing technique.
    • Takes more time to execute due to testing graphics and visual issues.
    • Also intercepts app installation.

    Pro Tip 3: Check compatibility

    Game testing tips with combability checks include the optimization of a game app in multiple devices and screen sizes. It also covers the requirement of final products of the software, hardware and graphics.

    • Ensures app meets all necessary standards set by developers and end-users.
    • Ensures real compatibility between testing and playing.
    • Confirms workability and stability of the app.

    Pro Tip 4: Reach the end of the game

    This technique is called the progression technique, in which you need to reach the end of the game without any interruptions.

    Testers in the game testing company in India, will look for app freezing and app crashing while playing the game. In most cases, the progression breaks by scripting issues.

    • Important part for PC games and character-play games.
    • Determines app’s overall performance under real-time circumstances.
    • Ensures whether present infrastructure enables the smooth function of the game.

    Pro Tip 5: Look for old errors in the current code

    A developer fixed the bug forever. But in reality, the fixed errors can easily generate other new errors. In such circumstances, there comes regression testing technique where you need to look for old errors in the current code.

    Although this type of testing doesn’t seem important, game testing tools can save time and money by avoiding future errors.

    • Critical to controlling the quality of the app.
    • Generates comparative testing results for old and current codes.
    • Idea to verify the usability of the end product.

    Final thoughts

    Nowadays, your game development team needs to spend more time testing the game rather than developing it. Sometimes, game testing is more complex due to different elements that even better planning and implementation may not work.

    And like any other app, your users will only have to rely on charm only for some time but may not retain it in the long run. A reputed game testing company in India will help you generate better results and a better user experience.

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