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Why A Professional Game Tester Is Important for Game Testing?

8 Apr
Game Testing

Table of content

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    Table of Contents
    1. Why is there a demand for a game tester?
    2. Role of a Game Tester​

    Gaming Industry has grown rapidly in the last few years only. Many leading corporates across the world became multi-million-dollar companies because of gaming applications.

    Also, by seeing the insane for mobile games and analysis of experts, the industry will have a maximum boom in the next 10 years in the gaming technology only.

    As a result, IT companies are keeping themselves updated with all the gaming technologies. But to get maximum benefit, we need to put our focus on development as well as testing.

    Testing is something with which we cannot compromise because without quality no one is going to use your application. Here we will discuss the reasons why a professional game tester is necessary for game testing.

    Why is there a demand for a game tester?

    The world welcomes a gaming application that runs flawlessly with extraordinary features. If any error comes while playing the game, it spoils the user’s interest, and they uninstall it instantly.

    When a user plays the game, he involves emotionally as well as mentally. So, we should not give them a chance to reject our gaming application because of bugs.

    Moreover, sometimes developers think to work as a tester as well, which is not at all a good practice. Each role has dedicated responsibilities, and one should work accordingly.

    Tester tests with the mindset of an end-user while a developer sees things from his own perception only. Hence a professional tester is mandatory to validate any gaming application.

    The key points for the importance of tester

    • QA Expert validates the application thoroughly.
    • Along with technical aspects, he also measures the entertaining ability of the game.
    • They save cost, time, and effort for the developer as well.
    • Tester eases the maintenance of the product.
    • Professional testers allow time for the marketing of the product.
    • Supports during maintenance.

    Development starts with the gathering of requirements where the development team understands the demand of the client.

    After a complete discussion, the team prepares a prototype design and sends the same for the client’s approval. Based on their feedback, the team does required improvisations and moves towards development. Once the development team writes code and completes it as per the requirement document, the testing team takes over the process.

    The key points for the importance of tester

    • QA Expert validates the application thoroughly.
    • Along with technical aspects, he also measures the entertaining ability of the game.
    • They save cost, time, and effort for the developer as well.
    • Tester eases the maintenance of the product.
    • Professional testers allow time for the marketing of the product.

    Role of a Game Tester​

    1. Bifurcation of Bugs:

    A tester brings clarity with bugs classification that supports the developer in various ways. Through the bifurcation of bugs, the developer becomes comfortable in coding otherwise everything will be an only mess.

    Also, the synchronized classification of bugs helps the developer in order to take futuristic references as well. With the activity of bugs classification, the chance of futuristic errors becomes low.

    During bifurcation, QA sets the priority of the bugs as well. It eases the workflow of developers. Hence, we always recommend hiring a tester in order to check the quality of the code.

    2. Difficulty Level Analysis:

    QA expert is very well aware of the level of bugs. Also, he clearly indicates its criticality along with scenarios. Hence developer gets a set parameter in order to execute the code.

    Afterward, the product goes for the quality assurance phase, in which testers need to check the quality of the code and other related aspects.

    In lots of cases, bugs appear instantly, and developers become confused in order to rectify them. Hence a tester sets the level of criticality and importance of the functionality. Thus, a tester is the support system of a developer.

    3. End to end testing

    A validator is liable to execute end-to-end testing in which he/she makes sure zero error. Testing a gaming application is extra challenging because we need to validate the entertainment factor as well.

    There are so many criteria that a QA expert validates prior to releasing the application in the public domain.

    A tester is bound to execute the following tasks:

    • Functional testing of gaming application in which team tests the entire flow of the application.
    • The acknowledged tester verifies the performance in various environments like Instant restart, No battery, No Internet zone, etc.
    • QA experts do the validation of the user interface in which they analyze the graphics, texts, audios, and videos as an end-user.
    • Also, they try their best to make the application engaging, innovative, and entertaining.
    • During end-to-end testing, the testers test the hosting server. They also keep proper precautions in order to protect the application from unwanted threats.

    Hence, sometimes a tester has to simply play the game like a player multiple times in order to analyze its fun factor.

    Before releasing the gaming application into the public domain, the tester creates all possible environments and validates the performance of the application.

    4. Knowledge of Tools

    Professional game tester is well versed with all the automation gaming tools. Also, they have concrete knowledge of methods used to test the application.

    As mentioned earlier, a gaming application needs more attention from all perspectives hence a professional tester suit for it. The way technology is getting smarter day by day, advanced testing tools are also in much practice.

    Automation testing is now in use because it saves time and enhances the productivity of the application. Along with this, one thing is that not everyone can test through automation tools.

    It is the reason; industries need expert’s hands to test the gaming application. Also, a gaming application must pass through these tools, and only a professional tester can do it.

    5. Minimizes overall operational cost

    Effort and costs are the two important concepts of an IT firm. Overall operational cost is dependent upon these figures. Companies that follow proper testing methods along with development save a tremendous amount for the organization.

    Also, we have seen many cases where companies do not give priority to have a dedicated team of testing, as a result of which they are still struggling for success.

    A tester knows testing methods, testing tools, and possible scenarios. Furthermore, a company develops gaming applications to earn, and it is only possible with quality and on-time delivery.

    Also, when an IT company saves time means it saved money and enhanced its productivity. Hence if we say a professional tester drives company in terms of productivity, we are not wrong.

    Therefore, if you are also launching a gaming application, always involve a dedicated testing team concurrence with the development team. You will realize on entire savings soon.

    6. Allows Time to Market

    See, making a gaming application is fine, but letting people be interested in that application is not everyone’s cup of tea.

    At the initial phase, a product needs rigorous marketing in order to strengthen its legs in the market, and we all are quite aware of the marketing efforts.

    Marketing is the only tool to sustain in the market because we need to spread awareness so that, people could recognize our product.

    As we have mentioned earlier, a professional tester saves time for the company, and companies can utilize this time and cost both for marketing.

    As a result, the activity generates good revenue in a lesser time. Time-saving is the crucial factor because it avails us maximum for marketing.

    Also, we all know that more marketing drives more traffic which, means more revenue and recognition.

    7. Eases Maintenance

    As we have mentioned above, a tester does complete documentation of bugs and their rectifications. The documentation helps a lot during the maintenance of the product.

    A tester very well knows all the features and their performance in various scenarios. Along with this, they also document the performance of the application by assuming some futuristic modifications.

    As a result, they do proper documentation of the product. These documentations help the maintenance department if in case any error comes in the future.

    So a tester plays an influential role during product development as well as product maintenance.

    Here are the reasons that make a professional tester an integrated part of the IT company. Without the contribution of testing experts, we can not assume to bring any product into the market. Being a QA company, we are very well aware of the participation of a testing team.

    Moreover, QAble is one of the growing testing companies that has delivered millions of QA projects successfully. Our clientele is not limited to India as we have a solid presence across the entire globe.

    The story is still on. Hence if you are looking for a genuine automation testing company in India or overseas, QAble is the well-suited option. We will keep on adding such important knowledgeable facts about testing. Keep browsing the page and feel free to get in touch with us if any query comes.

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