7 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques

8 Apr
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Game Testing

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    1. Do you know about risks in Game Testing?
    2. 7 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques
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    By the year 2025, Industries are expecting a rise of $300 billion in mobile games with the rapidly changing technology. A report by Global data says about this massive increase in the gaming world.

    By keeping this growth and expansion into consideration, companies are accelerating their speed of learning abilities. However, with the growth of gaming applications, users will definitely look for quality.

    And quality is our USP. We have a team of experts who closely monitor the performance of gaming applications under various scenarios. If you are looking to hire QA testers in India, we are your reliable service partner.

    Being a leading game testing company in India we ensure delivering innovative, engaging, and user-friendly games. Here, we will discuss the various types of game testing techniques that guarantee quality.

    As everyone is quite aware of the competitiveness and releasing any product with bugs will spoil everything. Hence never allow people to criticize your product.

    Also, there are so many automation tools to test gaming applications, and we shall discuss that as well.

    Do you know about risks in Game Testing?

    Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you must know all the pros and cons. Once you have pros and cons in mind, your quality delivery will not compromise. Prior to going for testing, always validate these risks.

    • If the gaming application has the power to engage users?
    • Whether the application has fun features or not?
    • If the application has a user-friendly design?
    • If the features of the game are easily accessible?
    • Whether the media files (images, texts, graphics, videos, audios, etc.) are of good quality?

    These are the major threats of any gaming application. So, once you have clarity on these points, testing becomes more flexible for you.

    7 Different Types of Game Testing Techniques

    The main objective of testing is to highlight errors in the application. Its intent is to make the application free from all kinds of bugs.

    There are various ways of game testing and all work on the concept of making an application bug-free. Here we are mentioning seven popular techniques of testing.

    Have a look:

    1. Functionality Testing:

    As the name signifies, through functional testing, testers verify the workability of an application as per the given specifications.

    During the process, the QA team hunts generic issues of the application like asset integrity, audio-video, scalability, graphical representation, etc.

    Also, the testing team validates the performance of the application during instant restart, switch-off, and crash situations. QA team creates these environments by considering real-life situations.

    Highlighted Features

    • Validates the performance of the product as per the requirement document.
    • The testing method comes under the section of black-box-testing.
    • As compared to other testing methods, functional testing is a bit time-taking because the QA team verifies intact elements like graphics, texts, users’ comfort, etc.
    • Moreover, functional testing also confirms the installation, network issues, and support methods.

    2. Combinational Testing:

    QA team uses the approach of combinational testing to analyze the performance of gaming application.

    This testing approach helps in early identification of the bugs that makes development process productive.

    Moreover, the testing method verifies if the requirement document is followed or not? During combinational testing, QA expert applies various combinations of inputs to synchronize the output.

    Also, gaming application is incomplete without combinational testing because it drives quality and productivity.

    One should definitely go for combinational testing if he or she is in process of launching a gaming application.

    Highlighted Features

    • Combinational testing ensures the performance of the product through all possible combinations of parameters.
    • The reports of the approach are systematic and easy to follow.
    • QA team performs Combinational testing with three methods. These are Catalogue-based testing, Pair testing, and Category-partition testing.

    3. Exploratory Testing:

    In this testing method, the team does not work on any pre-created test cases. They test the entire system on the fly. Also, the concept of the testing method emphasizes more on “Imagination ability” rather than traditional testing.

    Here, a tester has to explore the gaming application and identify bugs based on thinking ability. Moreover, Agile models follow Exploratory testing that is all about learning, thinking, investigating, and imagining.

    Before launching a gaming application in the public domain, Exploratory testing is essential as it gives space to testers.

    As a result, the team finds out errors on behalf of the public and makes the application more ideal.

    Key Features of Exploratory Testing:

    • No need to create test cases in advance.
    • The team generates test cases during testing only.
    • The concept revolves around “Thinking & Investigation”.
    • Avails space for testers to explore more testing environments.

    It offers better productivity.

    4. Compatibility Testing:

    The foremost objective of compatibility testing is to highlight compatible issues. As we all know, gaming applications are leading, and people have become crazy about it.

    In such a scenario, an application should perform as per the expectations of end-users. There are various versions of devices even in a single technology, and hence it demands compatibility testing.

    A gaming application should work with the same frequency across all mobile devices.

    Hence, testers verify the response of an application across all the mobile devices by considering basic features like resolutions, audio, videos, graphics, etc.

    Being an automation testing company, we are conscious about testing tools that assure compatibility and performance of the application.

    Highlighted Features

    • Compatibility testing determines the compatibility of the application across all the devices. Also, it compares the designs & texts at all screen sizes.
    • It also validates the performance of the product across various operating systems and browsers.
    • Ensures stability and scalability of the application.

    5. Cleanroom Testing:

    Cleanroom testing is mandatory to test gaming applications. Sometimes QA team keeps on raising bugs in series, and they become unable to reach the exact reason.

    Hence in such cases, Cleanroom Testing plays an important role. Through the technique of this testing approach, one can identify the exact cause of bugs and minor errors.

    Also, Cleanroom testing strategies make the gaming application productive and reduce the effort of testing. Even testers can enjoy the game during testing.

    By being a leading testing company, we have command over all testing methods.

    Highlighted Features

    • Cleanroom testing is a combined concept of statistical reasoning, design refinements, and mathematical knowledge.
    • The testing method determines minimal defects in the application.
    • It is no programmer testing concept as programming starts after proper specification.

    6. Play Testing:

    As its name signifies, in this testing method, the tester has to play the game like a player. QA team plays like a player and check if any error comes or not.

    Also, whenever we test a game, like a player, it helps to collect generic issues. The team gets a chance to verify all the non-functional elements as well.

    Along with this, they can also estimate the entertainment level of the gaming application. As a whole, this testing method helps in making the application innovative, engaging, and player-centric.

    Probably, this is the favorite testing method of a tester but, one should always be attentive. They have to maintain the balance of entertainment, accessibility, and appearance.

    Highlighted Features

    • QA team should always consider Play Testing as it created a live environment.
    • The concept is more about real scenarios like Fun-facts, User’s engagement, etc.

    7. Regression Testing:

    Regression testing is one of the most vital methods that one should follow during testing. It ensures the capability of the application by keeping the futuristic changes in place.

    Also, Regression Testing rechecks the entire functionality of the application from scratch and highlights new bugs. Under this testing, the developer re-executes the code and compares its output with previous outputs as well.

    No one can afford to compromise with quality, and hence each step of testing has its own worth. A gaming application becomes extra productive after regression testing.

    Highlighted Features

    • Regression test re-validate and re-execute entire tests.
    • Compares result of old tests and current tests, in order to get the bugs.
    • Ensures quality of an application by overall judgment.

    Hence these are the 7 approaches through which the QA team should test the gaming application. Also, check out some game testing pro hacks to enhance your testing skills. However, QAble has also the expertise of testing, and when it comes to testing Gaming Application, no one can catch us.

    Further, we hold a strong hand at mobile game automation testing as well. To make your gaming application more focused, engaged, and attractive, hire QA testers exclusively from here.

    Our experts are very well aware of all the emerging technologies of automation testing. Moreover, we have tested millions of gaming applications across the globe.

    Hence if you need any guidance to analyze your gaming application feel free to collaborate. QAble is an experienced and reliable game testing company in India & USA . We are at our toes when it comes to the satisfaction of our clients. Looking to get your queries.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.


    Which type of game testing in software testing?

    In the early stages of game development where core mechanics are being established, focus on playtesting to gather user feedback on usability, balance, and fun factor. Combine this with focused functionality testing for critical gameplay elements, and utilize rapid prototyping and feedback loops to iterate on the core gameplay before significant development investment. This will help identify and address fundamental issues early, building a strong foundation for your game.

    What are the 5 testing methods?

    To ensure the quality and functionality of your software, a comprehensive testing strategy is essential. This involves a combination of five key methods: unit testing individual components, integration testing their interaction, system testing overall functionality, acceptance testing user experience, and regression testing to safeguard existing features after modifications.

    What is QA game testing?

    QA game testing is like having a team of expert players meticulously check your game for any bugs, imbalances, or immersion-breaking elements that could hinder the player experience. They ensure your game is polished and delivers a smooth, enjoyable journey for your audience.

    How many types of testing are there?

    Software testing can be broadly categorized into three main types: functional (ensuring features work as intended), non-functional (assessing performance, usability, security, etc.), and regression (checking existing features after updates). A well-rounded testing strategy utilizes a blend of these types to guarantee high-quality, reliable software.

    What is the best way to test a game in 2024?

    The best approach to game testing isn't a single method, but a multi-pronged strategy. This includes manual testing by experienced gamers to find bugs and imbalances, automated testing for efficiency and compatibility, and usability testing with real players to ensure a smooth and intuitive user experience. This combination provides a comprehensive view of your game's quality and helps you deliver a polished and enjoyable experience for players.

    Don't let bugs ruin your game!

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