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How To Test IOT Application?

Smart technologies have changed the perspective of the world by offering quick communication and easier convenience. It would not be possible without the participation of IoT (Internet of Things). The devices through which the connectivity of the present era so

What Is Blockchain App Testing?

Cryptocurrency, like bitcoin and others, was the topic for discussion in the last few years. The extensive growth in the sector has made this concept so popular, and people started looking for the base idea, and it was “Blockchain”. Due

Checklist For The Mobile App Testing

The craze towards the use of the mobile application is continuously increasing, and the world is completely inclined towards it. There is a massive growth of 58% of mobile application users. Approximately 4.6 billion are using mobile applications across the

Top Cross Browser Testing Platforms

Cross Browser Testing is always done to ensure the functioning of websites across all the browsers. We have discussed the concept of Cross Browser Testing earlier and here we are presenting some top “Cross Browser Testing Platforms”. The combination of

Top 7 Mobile App Testing Tools for Android And ios

Mobile phones come under the essential tools of human life. As per the studies, it is said that approximately 500 million of mobile applications are downloaded, on daily-basis. Out of these, only 33% of applications are retained by the users.

What Is Mobile App Testing And How To Do It?

We all are living in an era, where things are surrounded by Mobile Applications. Previously a period was there when computer systems were much in use for various online applications, and on contrarily, nowadays, technologies are mobile-driven. Everything is just

What is Cross Browser Testing
What is Cross Browser Testing and How to perform it?

Cross Browser Testing is one of the methodologies through which the quality team assures the working ability of any website across all existing web browsers. We can also understand it as the compatibility of websites at various Web Browser. It