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43% of cyber attacks mainly target growing businesses.

– Remain prepared every time with VAPT!

Yes, you read that right. It’s high time to identify the weaknesses of your website and protect them from security breaches and cyber-attacks. Taking the right step by choosing VAPT can save you from any future damage.

Do you think your software is secure?

– Well, it is only possible to know by doing an in-depth VAPT!

Third-party integrations, software vulnerabilities, and outdated scripts contribute to data hacking. But, you can save yourself with the support and efforts of our skilled QA testing teams in QAble.

What needs to get checked for VAPT?

Security Testing Service Benefits

Plugin Vulnerabilities


Social and Phishing Hacks


Password Hacks


Bad Bots




SQL Injections and many more

Repair and Strengthen Your Software

As soon as we spot any vulnerability, we follow the next step i.e. repairing. Precise and thorough security assessment, logic testing, etc. to discover vulnerabilities up to repairing them is all taken care of by us!

Give a Chance to our Experts

We are here to take up the challenge of security assurance you deserve. Our Vulnerability and Penetration Testing replicates cyber attacks to identify security loopholes in your system under a single roof.

Specified VAPT Workflow

QAble’s workflow for VAPT mainly comprises 5 different stages which are as follows.

To define the objectives and scope of the test, research targets, and risks.

To understand how the system responds to breaching attempts.

System attacks such as backdoors, cross-site scripting, and SQL injections are utilised for revealing the vulnerabilities.

to identify if security risks can be employed to gain a gradual presence in the system.

Finally the generated outcome is documented in a report.


Why Should You Choose QAble for VAPT?

  • We start our work by delving into the business objectives to understand their relevance for app security. Hence, we not only focus on improving security but help you achieve significant ROI.
  • We prioritise looking into every major and minor detail and create a protective shield by adding security layers.

All these things help us generate an accurate report to know how strong your website can stand against security breaches. Gradually, we correct and strengthen the pain points in your website.


VAPT stands for Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing which is a combined testing process. It helps in doing a thorough analysis to spot the vulnerability.

The important steps of VAPT start with Assessing, Prioritising, Acting, Reassessing, and lastly Improving.

The QAs test the security of the servers, applications, etc. using automated tools and manual evaluation.

Different types of vulnerability tests are host assessment, application scanning, database assessment, and wireless and network assessment.


Don’t be in a vulnerable position. Secure your software now.