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About Security Testing

With the world becoming more vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, security testing becomes imperative for every organization. Seeing the same, QAble offers security testing services in India following protocols to assure security. Also, to secure the application and increase the reliability of the users, security testing is the optimum solution. It tests the important security elements, including authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of the applications, and helps in bridging the security gaps. Further, we are also doing mobile app security testing to make an application more safe and reliable.

At QAble, our web application security testing aims at identifying the potential vulnerabilities to safeguard the critical data of your business and customers. It prevents hackers from causing any type of damage to the applications. Security testing also identifies the potential loopholes that can give the hackers an opportunity to exploit the application. Being a reliable penetration testing company in India we are very well aware of it.  Further By accessing all the security gaps and protecting the application, security testing helps in gaining the trust of the customers.

Why Is Security Testing Service Needed?

Validates the Application

Security testing evaluates the security of each and every layer of the application. With a comprehensive testing approach, it validates the application.

Identifies the Security Gaps

Security testing identifies all the potential security gaps and helps in fixing them at an early date. Bridging of the security gaps helps in reducing the risk of cyber-attacks by hackers.

Provides Optimum Protection

Security testing checks all the important elements starting from availability to confidentiality, authentication, and authorization. It provides optimum protection to the applications.

Improves Brand Image

Security testing addresses all the security issues effectively and helps in gaining the trust of the customers. With increased customer reliability, web application security testing ultimately improves the brand image of the organization.

Benefits of Security Testing Services

Security testing offers the following benefits to the businesses:

Security Testing Service Benefits

Security testing helps in improving the overall quality of the application.


Security testing enables meeting the regulatory requirements and preserves the brand image.


Security testing allows identifying security gaps and mitigating the risks effectively.


Security testing enables better protection of business and customer information.


Security testing helps in the development of vulnerability free applications.

Our Process of Security Testing

QAble comes in leading penetration testing companies in India and we follow a systematic process to deliver secure and reliable applications to clients. Our approach is aimed at providing the best benefits to the organizations. Our security testing process includes:

We discuss with our clients about their specific requirements and start with the planning process. We determine the security testing requirements of the application and according to plan the further procedures.

We find out the goals and objectives of the security testing and define the scope. We design the test cases so as to meet the desired objectives.

We execute the test cases in the optimum test environment. With effective testing with the latest tools and techniques, we ensure quality outcomes.

We identify the potential vulnerabilities in the application. We analyze the test results and help in fixing the security gaps.

We provide a detailed report about the observation and finding of the security test to the clients. With the detailed report, improving the quality of software becomes easy.


Our Security Testing Services


Web Application Security Testing

We help in determining the security issues in the web application. We prevent web applications from potential attacks of hackers.


Mobile Application Security Testing

We test all the layers of the mobile applications and help in identifying potential vulnerabilities. We ensure optimum protection of mobile applications against cyber- attacks.


Penetration Testing

We determine the scope of testing and detect the security breaches. We help in scanning the system for vulnerabilities and ensure maximum security.


Ethical Hacking

We penetrate into the system in similar ways, like malicious hackers. We help in successfully revealing the defects in the application.

Risk Assessment_Testing

Risk Assessment

We help in reviewing and analyzing the potential risks of the application. We find out control measures to minimize the existing risks.


Vulnerability Testing

We detect the vulnerabilities in the application. With different testing approaches, we help in eliminating all the vulnerabilities.


Security Auditing

With QA security testing we define the existing security flaws. We analyze the condition and configurations of the application and help in finding effective solutions.


Why To Choose Us for Security Testing Services?

  • We have a team of expert professionals focused on delivering quality services to clients.
  • At QAble, we are expertise in the fast detection of security issues for better risk mitigation.
  • Being a top-notch security testing company, we employ advanced security testing tools for the best results.
  • We provide comprehensive services for security testing for high-quality applications.

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