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JavaScript is a prominent programming language and is widely used by developers as well as test automation experts. Moreover, our experience says the technology will keep growing in the future as well because of its versatility & ease of development.
The popularity of the technology has increased the scope for test automation frameworks. Our software testing blog will give you a clear insight into JavaScript automation tools. Also, with the right knowledge of the framework, testers can deliver expected results in speculated time.
We are a renowned software testing company in India and we have executed countless QA projects efficiently. 
Furthermore, we are offering automation software testing services in India & USA for years, and gathering our experience, we are sharing the top 5 JavaScript test automation frameworks in 2022.

Do you know what is a JavaScript Framework?

Before jumping to the JavaScript test automation framework, we should have a basic understanding of the JavaScript framework. It helps understand the concept precisely.
The collection of JavaScript code libraries that offer pre-written code to the developers in order to support the applications. It is a JavaScript framework. Further, the support offered by JavaScript Framework is not achieved with plain JavaScript.

JavaScript Automation Tools


In recent years, Cypress has gained immense popularity as a leading JavaScript Automation Tool in 2022. 
Factors that have made an effective contribution are as follows:
  • Easy setup: The setup of Cypress is simple and easy to install. A new tester can even work or set up on it easily. Further, you get complete support if any problem occurs. This is the reason; automaton engineers prefer the framework.
  • Supportive community: Cypress offers strong community support and has its own documentation. Here, automation engineers are free to share their concerns and queries. You can also ask questions that are not covered in the documentation.
  • Unique Test Runner: With Cypress, testers get a unique test runner from where the entire testing can be visualized. Further, the command log will show end-to-end details of the test whether they are passed, failed, or missed. It also provided time taken during test execution.
  • Eases UI Testing: The framework eases UI testing because it offers a selector playground. The concept helps testers decide the elements of the application under test (AUT). Also, the command log will generate a clear picture of the error and what made things wrong.


Testers prefer the test automation framework because it has some excellent features. Let’s have a look at them:
  • Web & Mobile Support: WebDriverIO supports web and mobile testing. Also if you are considering the framework with Selenium WebDriver, you are making mistake because Selenium WebDriver only supports browser testing.
  • Extendable: Using WebDriverIO, testers can automate their testing by covering an extensive range of applications. It can be extended. Covering such a wide range of requirements makes the framework in demand. Hence if you have multiple applications and looking for a single framework for testing, WebDriverIO is the best.
  • Highly Compatible: WebDriverIO can easily be integrated with Mocha, Jasmine & Cucumber. The complete setup can be done in a few minutes following the given instructions. If your testing needs are too vast, you should prefer working with WebDriverIO.
  • Community Support: Testers or developers prefer any technology that offers result-driven support. In the case of WebDriverIO, you get end-to-end community support. All the queries are entertained and required assistance is offered at the earliest.


Now we will get to know about TestCafe which also comes under the preferred JavaScript automation tools. Here are its dynamic features:
  • Highly compatible & supportive: TestCafe is compatible with TypeScript & JavaScript both. Those who prefer tightly types languages prefer to work with TypeScript. Apart from that, it works well with various browsers like Edge, Google Chrome, IE (Internet Explorer) and Safari, etc.
  • Community Support: The framework offers flexible community support. Developers and testers can share their queries in order to get quick support. Best community support is one of the features that attract the tech team.
  • Client-Side Support: If you are looking for a reliable framework for client-side JavaScript programs, TestCafe is the reliable option. The concept majorly favors desktop applications rather than mobile devices.


It is an open-source JavaScript test automation framework. Microsoft has released it in January 2020. Let’s elaborate on some advantages of the framework to strengthen the testing process.
  • Support various programming languages: Along with JS, one can test .NET, C#, Python, and Java-based applications through Playwright. Hence developers working with various languages can prefer the framework for testing.
  • Compatibility: Playwright is compatible with various browsers such as Chrome, Mozilla, Edge, Safari, etc. It does not offer any support for IE so testers should keep this in mind. Further, it facilitates desktop and mobile testing both.
  • Community Support: Playwright offers quick and reliable community support. Their official page contains detailed information on where the tech team can get their solutions.
So, if there is a need to perform cross-browser testing, one can go with Playwright. Further its support for various programming languages make it a preferred choice for the quality team.
Also, the concept is still in the growing phase so one should keep an eye on the updates.


  • Simple and Easy set-up: The setup of the framework is easy and one can easily install it to initiate the testing.
  • Active Community: The technology is quite recent in the field of test automation framework but it has excellent community support. Automation engineers get complete guidance and end-to-end assistance with their queries. 
  • Advantageous with Chrome: As we have stated, Google is behind the foundation of Puppeteer, hence it comes with various Google-friendly advantages. Furthermore, over DevTools protocol, it offers a high-level API to control Chrome or chromium.
Final Thoughts:
So, guys, this is about the top 5 JavaScript test automation frameworks in 2022Selecting any of them is the call of the tech team. They need to analyze the testing requirements and then go for the required JS test automation framework.
Further, we at QAble follow the recent and goal-oriented testing approach in order to increase the reliability & productivity of an application.
Also, our approach has given us a place in top QA companies in India. So, if you are looking to hire QA testers in India & USA, try our resources.
Our process starts with detailed research & analysis and ends with satisfactory delivery. However, if you have any queries related to software testing or JavaScript-based test automation frameworks, feel free to call us. Keep browsing the page for more relevant testing blogs.

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