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12 Apr
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Automation Testing Services

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    1. Do you know the concept of Test Automation?

    In the present scenario, technology is aspiring to the whole world. Based on that, millions of applications are getting launched almost daily across the globe.

    Also, people think developing application is a complex task but, automation testing is equally challenging. As per the research, out of 100 new applications, people ignore 70 of them because of their poor performance.

    From here, you can estimate the worth of testing. Manual and Automation testing are the two ways the testers do testing. Moreover, people are a little less aware of Automation Testing, so let’s know more about it.

    Do you know the concept of Test Automation?

    To reduce the time of regression testing, Test Automation is incorporated. Also, innovative automation approaches ensure the reusability, sustenance, and cost of an application.

    The ultimate aim here is to deliver a bug-free application that must perform in all environments. Moreover, automation testing demands knowledge of recent tools to offer quality.

    Also, QAble is a progressive QA company that follows a defined set of rules to deliver a bug-free solution.

    Moreover, our approach revolves around aligned strategies and business goals. We also thoroughly check the whole code and decide the automation tool to evaluate the application.

    What does make QAble a Differentiator?

    Some key aspects make us different from all our competitors

    • A quick assessment of software prior to going for automation testing.
    • If any previous automation solution finds, we analyze that as well.
    • Proof of Concept (POC) documentation.
    • Creation and execution of automated test scripts
    • Complete documentation of the testing approach for future use.

    Benefits of Test Automated Services:

    Testing is an integral part of the development, and without the proper quality test, products will not launch in the public domain. Let’s know about the advantages of following the test automated service.

    The service:

    #1- Lowers the cost of Regression Testing:

    The process has reduced the testing effort by 90%. As earlier, the testing team analyses individual test cases that take lots of time and also effort.

    #2- Allows faster launch of product:

    By decreasing the testing time of an application, the testing method fast-tracks the launch.

    #3- Ensures highest possible quality:

    Automation testing reduces the scope of manual errors. As a result, clients get an authentic product.

    #4- Optimizes utilization of resources:

    Automated testing process keeps the QA team stress-free by giving specific sections. Also, it brings quality to the performance by offering concrete resolutions.

    #5- Facilitates multiple environments for testing:

    Through automation testing services, we test an application under various conditions. Also, we keep operating systems and browsers in mind to check the compatibility of an application.

    Testing that we can Automate:

    Still, you are scratching your head in order to decide either manual or automated testing. Now, no need to worry. We are here to help you out.

    By using our decades of experience, we will let you know which tests should adopt Automation testing. Planning is the most considerable thing that one should conduct prior to starting any process, and the same goes here.

    Furthermore, if you are heading towards automation testing, make sure to take proper estimation. of Time, Effort, and Effect. Moreover, going for automated testing is not always beneficial so, the analysis is a must.

    Let’s see an interesting example:

    We all know, by traveling via Air, we can reach anywhere in the quickest time, but it does not mean, if we have to go 2KMs away, we will book our tickets. Hence understanding time, effort, and the end result is a must.

    Now let’s see the various scenarios in which automated testing, should be followed:

    #1- Compatibility Testing:

    During compatible testing, multiple browsers and operating systems take part. Hence if we go manually, it will take a lot of time and create a mess also. So, in such a case, one should always follow Automatic Testing.

    #2- Critical Business Logics

    Testing team should go for automation testing to validate the business logic, whose failure may create some considerable damages to an application.

    #3- Regression Testing:

    If there is a need to test an application after every release, one should follow an automated testing approach. It reduces the effort and enhances the performance of an application.

    #4- A large number of data:

    We recommend an Automated testing process if you need to test an application with a large volume of data. Moreover, manual testing cannot manage it.

    Tests that we should not automate:

    Unlike to above scenarios, there are some possibilities in which manual testing gives better results. So, let’s have a look over the factors for which manual testing will be preferred rather than automated.

    #1- one-time execution:

    If you run tests only once, manual testing methods should be, followed. One thing always keeps in mind that if you are going to run a test with a large volume of data, automated testing will be preferable.

    #2- Usability Testing:

    If we are testing an application as an end-user, we do not recommend automated testing. You need to think and act as a human rather than a tool.

    #3- Visual Interpretation:

    To validate the user-interface, one should not follow an automated testing method. In such a case, manual testing gives the best output for the visual interpretation of a product.

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