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After the huge success of the Selectors Hub Seminar Meetup, the QAble team has now decided to take one step forward to motivate, encourage, and spread knowledge among testers.

We believe that growth is only possible when people have the right skills in the industry. To do this, our team has taken the responsibility to ensure holistic growth to excel in the niche of software testing.

Our Agenda- You Dream We Execute

QAble along with other community partners such as CSQA, JigNect, Colidod, Tester academy, PerfectQA, and PrimeQA have come together to bring out the best-in-class opportunity for the QA community.

This seminar is not only to educate the new generation testers but also to build a strong connection and relationship. Hence, then only we can fulfil the dream of creating something new for the market.

Meet Our Hosts

The enthusiasm of our Rave Test Party will be elevated with the presence of three main guests and experts in the QA testing community. They are Sanjay Kumar, Naveen Khunteta, and Mukesh Otwani. 

Sanjay Kumar : He is an innovative mind in the QA industry as he created some of the well-known tools such as TestCaseHub, TestCase Studio, and ChroPath as well as SelectorsHub. He is known for his innovative tech tools for software testing. Furthermore, Sanjay has around 48k followers on LinkedIn.

Naveen Khunteta : One of the prominent names when it comes to community building for QA development. Naveen is the founder and director of his company called Naveen Automation Labs. Other than that, he is a YouTuber and has a massive following there and on LinkedIn as well.

Mukesh Otwani : He is the Vice President of iNeuron which is a new-era e-learning provider. It has been offering a wide range of courses and enrolled more than 500000 students till now. Talking about achievements, Mukesh is also a Youtuber with a significant following of above 152K.

Brief Glimpse of Our Community Meetup

The Rave Test Party is going to be held on 11 February, Saturday at Avalon Hotel, behind Gurudwara, Bodakdev, Ahmedabad. The QA event will begin with a brief introduction of the hosts. Gradually, other segments include interactive events, quizzes, etc. which will be wrapped up by 6 PM.

What Will They Learn?

This much-needed Rave Test Party sponsored by QAble is one of the prominent achievements. We wanted to create space for an event to bring budding and experienced testers into one room and solve the problems they are facing. 

Apart from the necessary skills to become a successful tester, everyone will learn about enhancing other existing skills. These include their presentation and communication skills, problem-solving skills, etc. to help them thrive in their career.


Like the previous one, QAble is expected to receive an overwhelming response for this Rave Test Party as well. These events not only motivate the community, but also our company to bring something new to the table to fill the gaps and solve problems together. That’s why we are planning to organize new programs like these now and then in the future.

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