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SelectorsHub Seminar Meetup on Dec’22- To Empower QA Community

8 Apr
5 Minutes
Software Testing

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    Are you looking for new learning opportunities to meet industry leaders and learn from them?Then, enrolling in an engaging seminar is an amazing way to do it.Similarly,

    QAble has recently sponsored a seminar to empower the minds of young and creative people.The main motto of this seminar was to provide a platform for software testers and QAs to learn and grow through the knowledge of our speaker Sanjay Kumar.

    Table of Content
    1. The Meetup was All About This
    2. Why Was This Event So Important?
    3. Free Tool for the Community
    4. What Did They Learn?
    5. QAble- The Sponsorship Support of the Event
    6. Concluding the Seminar

    The Meetup was All About This

    The Meetup

    Sanjay Kumar is none other than the creator of TestCaseHub, TestCase Studio, and ChroPath as well as SelectorsHub. He is one of the innovative minds who is dedicated to the task of improving productivity easier.

    He is a creator, influencer, and so much more. Thus, you can consider him as a one-man army.If you are a QA tester and want to become an expert in your field, then SelectorsHub is a boon for you.

    Basically, it is a browser extension that you can use and write as well as verify the CSS Selector or Path. Being an automation tester, you must have precise knowledge and skill to work with XPath.

    Along with that, it is also crucial to know where you can write the XPath.In this recent seminar, the main motto was to encourage testers and QAs to understand everything about automation testing.

    Let’s look at the following.

    • Innovations Around the Worldwide - First of all, knowing how the world is progressing in the digital world. Here, the participants got to learn about the invention of new tools around the world.
    • Benefits of Automation Testing - Automation Testing has now become an integral part of quality assurance. This seminar was done to guide everyone on how to build and maintain the automation scripts.
    • Rightful Usage of Tools - They learn to know how to save around 80% to 90% of their time when it comes to writing cases, automation scripts, filing bugs, etc.

    Why Was This Event So Important?

    One prominent reason that this event stands out is that it was free. Thus, testers, developers, and software engineers belonging to different positions of their career attended the seminar to sharpen their skills and knowledge.

    Hence, this seminar was very much needed for the QA and developing community. QAble is also looking forward to sponsoring many more seminars like these to propel the creativity and quality of QAs and testers.

    Free Tool for the Community


    Sanjay Kumar regularly travels to different cities and introduces his free productivity tools for test automation. He started by showcasing the features of his self-made tools like TestCase Studio, Testing Daily, etc.

    The main aim of this seminar was to empower the developers with the knowledge and connectivity to deliver the best of their potential.

    Highlights of the Seminar

    This meetup sponsored by QAble attracted around 200 registrations across the city. Out of them, 150 people showed up which was the highest till now which was impeccable for SelectorsHub.

    • Introduction to the new tools by Sanjay Kumar.
    • Digging into the main topic of Q/A testing
    • Quiz, games, and fun activities refresh everyone’s mind and end the seminar on a good note.

    What did they learn?

    So, the attendees in the seminar held by ScholarsHub gained a deep insight into automotive progress. They got the chance to expose their thoughts on how the world is progressing in software testing.

    • They learned how SelectorsHub generates specific locators like LinkText/ relative XPath, CSS Selectors, as well as PartialLinkText.
    • In the past few years, SelectorsHub emerged as a lifesaver for developers. Hence, the participants got to know the reason behind this.
    • It was crucial to learn about the new tool called TestCase Studio. For generating screenshots, manual test cases, etc. It is amazingly helpful for developers to bring the best outcome in less time.

    QAble- The Sponsorship Support of the Event

    QAble- The Sponsorship Support

    So, QAble was the one behind organizing and sponsoring the seminar. In the past few years, it has become one of the top companies excelling in a wide range of software testing services.The competency and hard work of QAble’s team have taken the company to new heights. Some of the popular services of the company include

    • Accessibility Testing
    • Usability Testing
    • Automation Testing
    • API Testing
    • Load and Performance Testing
    • Mobile Application Testing and many more.

    Therefore, QAble has been constantly working on the goal of offering advanced solutions with the best tools and strategies.Our seasoned experts have worked on amazing projects for top and well-known companies.

    From planning the test strategies, executing them to mitigate the bugs, and finally preparing a detailed report, we do it all.

    Concluding the Seminar

    This seminar can be considered one of the crucial achievements of SelectorsHub. Testers and developers from the QA community arriving on this day were massive.

    Hence, it has set a benchmark for us as we have been getting positive responses from other renowned testing influencers and social media, especially LinkedIn.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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