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Early Stage Software Testing Best Practices

Did you know? IBMstates that the cost of errors increases continuously and the bug can cost you 30 times more than you discover them in early stages.

But the matter is Why does the bug grow? Conventional mindset, “We Will do Testing after development”.

But if we start testing since the requirement gathering, Many issues are catched during planning or design itself, So if they are attained earlier, you will be able to maintain healthy consistency of each phase during development. Even if you have Test Experts Or you are a startup or having inhouse QA, Here are the best practices that you must follow to start Testing along with development to derive the best quality product.

  • Start finding defects from requirement gather phase and Keep on doing that throughout analysis and design phase.
  • Many problems are introduced into the system during planning or design. Requirements testing will help minimize future problems at a significantly lower cost.
  • Test cases written during requirements and shared with the Dev team before the construction phase can help developers to think outside the box and evaluate more chances of failure in their code.
  • Since the testing process is involved with all phases, Management will not feel like testing is the bottleneck to release the product.
  • Involve everyone in the testing process : To ensure that your application meets the main standards, you should engage everyone, starting from developer to sales manager. Let them be the early users and listen to their suggestions and remarks.

The combined process is going to increase product quality and it will also reduce maintenance cost of the product, increase overall productivity and reduce development time of the project.
Happy Testing !!

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