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How “Testing Daily" Helps QA and QA Community to Remain Up-To-Date with Market

5 Apr
5 Minutes
Software Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. Tester’s Dilemma
    2. Searching through Solutions
    3. Testing Daily: The Brainchild of A Tester
    4. What is Testing Daily?
    5. Why We Need Testing Daily and How Can We Use It?
    6. Why is Testing Daily Useful for QA Professionals?
    7. How Does Testing Daily Help QA Community?
    8. Testing Daily: In a Nutshell

    What does software development mean? Hmm.. The first thought that comes to mind is that it’s all about writing code.

    Well, you’re right, but just partially.

    It’s more than just writing code. It's a multi-layered process that can be complex. It’s a lifecycle that may not even be quantified.

    Any software we use or see daily is like the tip of the iceberg, supported by a lot of real estate beneath.

    Okay, but what are those fundamental components that comprise the base of our software development iceberg?

    Development is certainly there, but the code written by the developers should be validated and tested by someone or some team. Right?

    Quality Assurance (QA) teams and testers are the ones that ultimately have the final say on the product. To be precise, we can call them the show-stoppers.

    However good the software code may be, if the QA people say it's a no-go, we better listen. They only want the software product to reflect quality and nothing less. Period.

    Tester’s Dilemma

    As we progress with the advancing technologies, assuring quality for a product is getting even more demanding. Testers understand this well.

    Although there are many tools and methods to perform elaborate testing, there is no fixed set of rules or guidelines to follow.

    Delivering a sub-standard product is not an option.

    This can be very challenging at times. Only well-tested and quality products have to be delivered within fixed deadlines.

    Searching through Solutions

    Finding reliable resources or solutions is a tough task, which is even more challenging for people new to QA or if a QA person has a specific business requirement.

    With hundreds of testing tools and methods, finding the right resource and keeping up-to-date with market trends can be daunting.

    So, what’s the solution?

    How do we find better, easier solutions to boost productivity and efficiency?

    Wouldn’t that be great if there was a unified tool or place that could address such testing challenges boosting our productivity and helping improve our testing skills?

    Well, we might have the right solution, a great solution in the form of Testing Daily.

    Testing Daily: The Brainchild of A Tester

    The digital marketplace is flooded with huge resource pools dedicated to software testing, and it is very time-consuming and requires a lot of effort to find relevant resources that serve the intended purpose.

    One of the resources that shines in this huge landscape of software testing is Testing Daily.

    Sanjay Kumar, the creator of Testing Daily, is no less than an inspiration, not only for the testers who want to improve their skills in software testing but also for those who are experts in this field.

    Sanjay has been in the software industry for over a decade, and most of his work and contributions are inclined towards software testing. His passion and innovative mindset for testing are his mission to make life easier for testers.

    He is also the founder and creator SelectorsHub and several other free and innovative tools for testers, such as TestCase Studio, TestCaseHub, AutoTestData, etc.

    Testing Daily is the result of Sanjay’s dedication towards testing, and it is one of the many productivity booster tools offered by him and the SelectorsHub team. With more than 250K active users and around 500K downloads, it stands out in the crowd.

    With so much support from the QA community backed by years of dedication to contributing towards software testing, Sanjay is truly one of the brightest stars in the software testing landscape with his phenomenal innovation.

    One blog is not enough to cover the lengths and breadths of Testing Daily, but we will cover the many ways in which Testing Daily helps the QA and the QA community to stay up-to-date with market trends and also help them become better testers.

    What is Testing Daily?

    Testing daily is a simple yet very powerful and innovative tool to get relevant and latest testing feeds, news, best practices, and the latest trends from different platforms related to software testing and Quality Assurance(QA). It helps us get better at our jobs by adding value to us and our careers and helping improve testing skills.

    Although the whole idea circles QA and testing practices, the entire software development community equally benefits from it.

    Why We Need Testing Daily and How Can We Use It?

    Testing daily brings all the contents and latest software testing feeds in a unified way and aims at adding value to our testing jobs.

    Some of the shortcomings that were addressed by Sanjay’s innovative product Testing Daily are as follows:

    • We spend too much time on apps like Instagram, Facebook, or some other, mindlessly scrolling all the time. Instead, this time could be used to boost our knowledge and productivity, which can add value to ourselves and help us rise further up in our careers.
    • It’s impossible to visit every available resource daily that covers software testing. Some of us even go through testing topics once a week or even once after months.
    • Although resources like Medium, Reddit, and YouTube have great content, most times, there is no commonplace solely dedicated to software testing.
    • The lack of a central platform to provide us feeds on the latest news, innovations, creations, or even if some expert person or company is talking about software testing.
    • Too many distractions are there while we search for specific content, especially on YouTube, that defeats our real purpose and costs us valuable time.

    Testing Daily solves these problems or shortcomings through an innovative and genius approach.

    It is available as a mobile app on Google Play Store and Apple Store. It can also be added as a Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Opera, Brave, and Chromium browser extensions. Additionally, it can be used as a website that functions like an application.

    Why is Testing Daily Useful for QA Professionals?

    Another burning question to be answered is: How is it different from so many other similar resources?

    Well, how Testing Daily curates and presents the content around software testing make all the difference.

    The cherry on top is that it’s free and compatible with most devices. We all love free tech goodies that add value to our work. Right?

    Let’s cover some of how it contributes to the daily workflow of a QA tester:

    • Testing News: Testing Daily covers the news and events across the testing industry, like new product releases, updates, technology acquisitions, partnerships, etc. This helps the testers to stay informed and updated at all times. Another benefit of such an approach is that testers can see if any of these changes affect their work so that they can adapt if required.
    • Current and Future Trends: Testing Daily provides feeds of the trending news specific to the testing industry in the current and future. Trending topics and technologies like AI/ML, DevOps, Performance, Agile, Security, Automation, and Usability make content curation upmarket and focused. QA testers can remain updated with trending and most relevant technologies. They can use this knowledge to improve their workflow and improve outcomes.
    • Relevant Feeds: Testing Daily provides options for the users to see the feeds as per their needs. The whole idea is to improve testers' productivity. Sections like popular, most upvoted, and best discussions in the custom feed are really helpful to save time and focus on only the relevant resources.
    • Testing Specific Custom Feeds: Test Daily allows users to select the specific tools or resources they are searching for. From popular blogging sites or discussion sites like Medium and Reddit or testing tools or frameworks like Selenium and Cypress, QA testers now don’t have to search from an ocean of information on the web.
    • Best Practices: Testing Daily shares the best practices and lessons from the community's QA experts. This knowledge-sharing and knowledge-transfer approach is well-known among software development teams. This promotes a culture of continuous improvement. The QA experts' experiences and insights help other testers adopt such practices further to improve their testing skills and day-to-day testing activities.
    • Better Understanding: Testing Daily tries to bring the best resources all in one place. It tries to paint the complete picture not to miss anything in the software testing ecosystem. This promotes a better understanding of even the smallest of concepts to the most difficult ones in a convenient way that benefits new QA people and experts equally.

    How Does Testing Daily Help QA Community?

    Software development has a large ecosystem, and community support is one of the main factors of a successful product. Apart from QA individuals, Testing Daily also understands the QA community's importance.

    Below are some ways of how it delivers on this concept of taking care of the needs of the testing community:

    • Community Forum: Testing Daily has Slack, Telegram, and LinkedIn groups. This community-driven approach to bringing the testing people together benefits a quality end product. Once posted on these forums, even the most unique problems can be resolved quickly. Sharing ideas, seeking solutions, offering support, and networking with fellow testers helps benefit the entire community with knowledge and best practices.
    • Reviews: Testing Daily has a reviews section where individuals and teams can provide their valuable feedback and share their experiences with the Testing Daily team. There is no better way to improve a product than knowing the user experience from real-world testers and developers. This creates a loop of continuous improvement and learning.

    Testing Daily: In a Nutshell

    Testing Daily is helping the QA people in its unique way. By providing relevant information on testing news, trends, and best practices in a collaborative way through forums and reviews, it's making the software testing community even stronger.

    QAble as A Proud Sponsor for SelectorsHub Meetup

    QAble sponsored a seminar for SelectorsHub Meetup with Sanjay Kumar as the main speaker for the event, that was organized on 22nd December 2022 in the beautiful and bright city of Ahmedabad, which received a magnificent response from the QA community.

    With more than 200 signups and around 150 attendees, the seminar was a huge success and received positive feedback, where Sanjay Kumar shared his brilliant ideas and insights with the entire testing community.

    His expertise with software testing is truly amazing; that helped the participants learn about innovations around the world of testing.

    If you are interested in learning more about Sanjay Kumar and the amazing offerings from his organization, you can visit his website SelectorsHub or follow him on X(Twitter) Or LinkedIn.

    We hope you enjoyed the article about Testing Daily.

    If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to comment below.

    Thank you for reading.

    You can scan the QR Code from here and Download Testing Daily App for Free!



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