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What to Keep in Mind While Testing a Game Like PUBG?

8 Apr
5 Minutes
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    PUBG or PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is one of the most popular multiplayer battle royal games. Testing a game like this requires a lot of attention to take care of every detail.

    It is important to keep a wide range of factors in mind to enhance the gameplay experience. Therefore, determining the right approach is the key to solve its complex and critical aspects.

    As one of the immensely popular multiplayer battle royal games, PUBG requires a comprehensive approach to ensure a seamless gameplay experience for its millions of players across the world.

    From compatibility testing to functional testing, it is crucial to take every detail into account when testing a game like PUBG.

    Developing a comprehensive test plan is essential to address the critical aspects of the game. Along with that, it is essential to consider the target audience to tailor the testing approach correctly. It will ensure that the game runs smoothly, even in high-stress situations.

    Furthermore, the testing approach must consider several unique challenges posed by other multiplayer games. Testers must ensure that the game mechanics should work as intended even under heavy loads and high network traffic.

    In this blog, you will explore some of the vital aspects which testers need to keep in mind for BGMI testing. Therefore, it will ensure that the game is stable and free of major bugs to offer an enjoyable experience.

    Table of Content
    1. Is Game Testing Different from Regular Testing?
    2. PUBG Gameplay Mechanics That You Must Check
    3. Important Types of Software Testing for Games like PUBG
    4. Winning Strategies: Essential Tips for Effective Testing of PUBG
    5. QAble’s Team Curates the Best Strategies for PUBG Testing
    6. FAQs

    Is Game Testing Different from Regular Testing?

    Testing of games like PUBG is significantly different from regular testing due to the nature of user behavior and game features. Most importantly, mobile games are highly unpredictable which makes the task of testing more challenging.

    However, user behavior has a rigorous impact on the game which can lead to differences in the bounce rate. Testing the boundaries are mostly unknown which makes testing more exhaustive to ensure an impactful and seamless experience for all the players.

    Prolonged usage of mobile phones has a drastic impact on the device performance which leads to further challenges in testing. So, whether a player is using a desktop or a mobile device, the overall experience should not be hampered.

    PUBG Gameplay Mechanics That You Must Check

    You must not forget to check the following things when checking or designing a game like PUBG.

    #1- Graphic Performance

    The graphic performance of PUBG is an essential aspect which can make or break the gameplay experience for the players worldwide. High-quality graphics which seamlessly interact with the players gestures and movements in real-time is crucial to create an immersive experience.

    Various tools are also available for QA game testing which helps in analyzing the traffic workload and identifying the weakness. Significantly, poor graphic display caused by logging can cause players to leave the game. That’s why it is more essential to improve the graphics quality to the highest level.

    #2- User Interface and Game Functions

    Secondly, the user interface for PUBG is also a key aspect which testers need to pay close attention to. Features like easy navigation, intuitiveness and easy accessibility to the players for beginner and experienced players.

    Is the UI consistent throughout the game? Are these gaming functionalities easily accessible? Is UI optimization for mobile and desktop done correctly? Does the game provide concise information to the players? Therefore, these are some important questions that testers must ask while testing PUBG.

    These questions can help the testers identify any issues regarding UI and improve accordingly. So, ultimately, the success of any game, especially PUBG, depends on how the UI is optimized for the target audience.

    #3- Multiplayer Feature

    So, PUBG is a popular multiplayer game. Not only that, players can connect to the internet and join the game from different corners of the world. And all of this happens in real-time which makes it even more popular. However, it can be a daunting task to set up this feature for QA game testing.

    Testers need to navigate multiple layers of the gaming aspect of PUBG to ensure real-time features work the best way. Any minor issue in this feature is highly disastrous as it causes a poor gaming experience for the players.

    The complexity of the feature, setting it up, and testing it thoroughly is no small feat. However it is still essential to ensure that PUBG both in mobile and desktop runs smoothly. The main aim is to provide a seamless and enjoyable experience in real-time.

    #4- Integration with Social Media

    When testing PUBG it is essential to ensure that social media is thoroughly tested for social media. Doing this not only enhances its social aspect and expands its reach. Testers must optimize its features for different social media and ensure that it doesn't cause any performance issues.

    Moreover, integration with social media should not compromise with the user data. Also the testes must ensure that this feature works seamlessly without hampering the core mechanics. Several benefits such as user retention, increased engagement are also essential for mobile game testing.

    Another popular game like Candy Crush Saga is also popular for integrating social media. It is vital to tailor testing approaches and improve the game at every stage. It is essential to test this feature thoroughly to provide a thrilling gaming session.

    Important Types of Software Testing for Games like PUBG

    Here are some of the important tests that you must conduct for multiplayer games like PUBG.

    #1- Functional Testing

    Functional testing ensures the success and quality of the It thoroughly examines every function like interface, graphics, features. It helps testers to gain valuable insights regarding the game's performance and identify issues which need correction.

    Significantly, testers can evaluate user-friendliness and game stability to ensure an intuitive interface with easy navigation. Given the competitive nature of the gaming industry, functional testing is essential in ensuring that PUBG stands out from others.

    #2- Compliance Testing

    Secondly, compliance testing helps maintain proper workflow and track prohibited content. Through this process, testers ensure that the game follows every regulation and guidelines. To perform compliance testing, the testers need to monitor every part of the game content closely.

    Therefore, this task ensures that the game doesn’t contain any inappropriate content. Otherwise violating regulations could impact its rationing or violate regulations. By conducting thorough compliance testing, testers can protect the reputation of games like PUBG and ensure continuous success in the market.

    #3- Soak Testing

    Soak testing is a vital component to ensure that PUBG can withstand the demands of prolonged gameplay and heavy user loads. By subjecting the application load for an extended period. Thus, during soak testing, the application is required to run continuously without interruption for a significant period. For best results, testers conduct soak testing during the period of high usage like weekends as players play for four to eight hours.

    Designing a rigorous test plan for soak testing also identifies performance issues. For this task, application is essential to run continuously without interruption for a significant period of high usage such as weekends, when gamers play for four to eight hours. Soak testing is an essential tool for ensuring success and quality testing for PUBG to improve overall performance which also appeals to gamers across the world.

    #4- Sound Testing

    Testing audio games especially for PUBG is necessary to provide a realistic and immersive experience to the players. Crisp and clear sound gives the right cues and situational awareness to the players. Thus, a skilled tester must have an in-depth knowledge on various audio aspects such as color commentary, file loading, CC profilers, etc.

    Along with the necessary skills and features a tester must be empowered by proper budget, resources and tools by the organization for timely completion of audio testing which is crucial for best for proper game development.

    Winning Strategies: Essential Tips for Effective Testing of PUBG

    Apart from the general testing process, there are some curated processes that need to be covered. Let’s have a look at them below.

    Game Rules- As a tester, you need to verify that players must follow the game's rules properly to prevent unfair advantages. Ensuring adherence to the specific rules is vital to guarantee positive gaming experience for PUBG players in mobile game testing

    Game Balancing Test- Conducting game balancing is essential to ensure that the distribution of weapons between teams is balanced and not one-sided. For example, there are 10 weapons in PUBG, so if only one team gets all these weapons, then it will not be fair. Therefore, properly balancing the game guarantees that all players have an equal opportunity to win and enhances the overall experience.

    Save and Load Test- The save and load testing ensure seamless transition of the game data between different sessions. Testers must validate that the player’s rewards and progress like BP Tokens, Silver Coins are saved and loaded automatically without any loss or glitches. Hence, this testing helps in delivering a satisfying user experience by providing uninterrupted continuity.

    Optimal Battery Consumption- Multiplayer games like BGMI or PUBG

    TPP and FPP. The TPP stands for Third Person Perspective and FPP stands for First Person Perspective is one of the prominent features available in the game of PUBG. The gaming app should not consume unnecessary batteries which can lead to overheating of the device. As a result, users will uninstall the game in no time.

    FPS- Frame Per Second largely affects the performance of the game. If the FPS is low then the game will lag. It means how many frames are there in every second. Here, the frames are referred to the still images which rapidly played to create a video or a movie. Therefore, for gaming, a higher frame per second reflects a smoother experience for the players.

    In-app Purchase- PUBG earns its revenue by selling exclusive benefits to the players. These purchases offer unique features to the players. Gamers can buy Emotes, Special Crates which include gun skins, costumes, helmets, and car skins. Furthermore, after completing a mission, the players can buy Royal Pass to get exclusive benefits. Hence, it becomes highly essential to test In-app purchase segments to resolve any glitch in the game.

    Security Test- PUBG is an immensely popular game worldwide. Due to this it also attracts hackers who find a loophole and play games without getting defeated which is unfair. To not let that happen, the game should pass the security test. Therefore, PUBG has a special feature where players can report the player if they find them applying unfair means.

    Ping Test- There are various factors for network and server performance. Multiple data transfers can affect the gaming experience. Ping is essential for gamers to understand the speed of communication flow with the server. Generally, a good ping rate ranges from 40 ms to 60 ms. Furthermore, tools such as speedtest.net are utilized to check the correct ping rate so you can adjust accordingly.

    QAble’s Team Curates the Best Strategies for PUBG Testing

    At QAble, we are dedicated to providing top-notch QA game testing services. Our team of experts utilizes the latest tools and techniques to identify and solve even the most minute complexities seamlessly.

    Therefore, our Able army goes an extra mile to adhere to the rules and regulations to develop a bug-free and stable game like PUBG. We have listed some of the essential tips that can help you with mobile game testing for the same.

    To achieve this, we have developed a set of essential tips for mobile game testing for thorough optimization for a successful launch.

    • Make sure to utilize automated tools as it streamlines the process and improves efficiency.
    • Focus on creating a detailed test plan. Doing this will help in covering every aspect like player movement, gameplay mechanics, network performance, security, etc.
    • Understand and incorporate user feedback to identify the common issues and pain points to enhance overall experience.
    • Be regular in fixing bugs by testing and updating the game to maintain its stability.

    Henceforth, by following the above strategies and tips, you can trust that our expert team will ensure that the game is thoroughly tested and optimized for a successful launch. At Qable, we are committed to providing the highest level of service and expertise to help you achieve your goals in no time.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

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    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.


    What are the different types of game testing?

    Some of the important game testing types are UI/UX Testing, Ad Hoc Testing, Compatibility Testing, Exploratory Testing, etc.

    What is PUBG?

    PUBG is a free game developed by Quantum Studio and Light Speed. Players from across the world connect with each other to fight against a team or individually.

    Can you play PUBG on both mobile and desktop?

    Yes, you can play PUBG on your smartphones as well as desktop.

    What are the special gifts you can win in PUBG?

    PUBG offers tangible rewards to the players such as AirPods, Google Play Gift Cards, Apple Store Gift Cards, level 3 Helmet, etc.

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