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About Selenium Automation Testing

IT enterprises face the rapidly escalating challenge of faster delivery with every passing day. Nowadays, it is difficult for IT businesses to catch up with industry trends without relying on automation. Therefore, automation is pervading almost every component in the software development life-cycle. So, how can testing be an exception? Automation testing can help IT enterprises overcome various challenges encountered by developers in the final stages of application software development. Automation testing helps you save resources and time for testing all workflows, negative scenarios, and all fields. QAble strive hard to make the end product reliable and fast. Hence we provide Selenium Automation Testing Services in India & USA.

Leverage the power of selenium automation testing for your business and achieve the required functionalities with QAble. Developed by Jason Higgins at ThoughtWorks, Selenium is the most popular browser automation testing tool among software developers and testers. Selenium is ideal for the automation of tests carried out on different web browsers and platforms. Selenium comes with four components in its suite of tools, each suited for different testing requirements. The four major components of the selenium automation testing tool are Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid, and WebDriver. Let us show you how you can benefit from Selenium automation testing and our services.

Benefits of Selenium Automation Testing

Selenium automation testing offers the following advantages for your business,

Automation Testing Benefits

Access to an open source automated testing tool takes away the need for licensing costs.


The tools in Selenium’s suite are ideal for varying needs of users.


With selenium automation testing you get support for all major languages such as Java, PHP, Python, Perl, JavaScript, and Ruby.s.


The active open community of Selenium offers the best platform for resolving your queries and issues.


Selenium also supports a wide range of browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari, Firefox, Edge, and Opera. It also supports various operating systems such as Windows, Mac, and Linux. Therefore, you have a flexible automated testing tool that you can use in any scenario.

Our Selenium Automation Testing Process

You can avail of the optimal power of the selenium automation testing tool for your testing requirements with our unique approach. Here is an outline of different steps in our process for selenium automated testing.

The first step in our process for selenium automated testing is a detailed understanding of your requirements. We try to find out your requirements from the specific test cases that you have. Furthermore, a clear review of the test case helps us in determining whether you need automated testing or not.

You cannot subject every test case to selenium automation. For example, newly designed test cases or test cases with frequently changing requirements cannot be suitable for automation. So, we decide about the test cases that need automation so that you can achieve better ROI. The suitable test cases for Selenium automation include high-risk and business-critical test cases.

After establishing the scope for your automated testing requirements, we choose the ideal tool according to your requirements. We compare your test case requirements with functionalities of different components in the Selenium’s suite of tools. As a result, you can be sure of proper tooling for your automated testing needs.

The framework is an essential requirement for developing automated tests further. In addition, the framework helps in optimizing test development through code reuse. We help you leverage the best of the Robot framework for Selenium that also integrates effectively with any development lifecycle.

We are able to utilize the Selenium IDE for test script development. Selenium IDE helps in recording test cases in Firefox quickly. The recording capabilities and the in-built IDE for script editing can help in the preparation of an initial set of test scripts in the real environment of the application.

The next step in our Selenium Automated Testing process involves the configuration of the strategy for executing tests. We configure the environment to support and successfully run all the automated tests. In addition, we also integrate your testing framework with Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery to provide comprehensive service delivery.

As an application goes through significant changes, the test cases should also go through a related maintenance cycle. However, we ensure frequent maintenance of test scripts at regular intervals for better coverage and scope.

Why Choose Us

Why To Choose Us for Selenium Automation Testing Services?

  • A team of experts having years of experience in implementation of Selenium automation testing projects.
  • At QAble, we combine our in-depth industry knowledge, testing-centric assets and technology-related competencies for obtaining credible insights on product quality.
  • We offer our services at competitively lower prices in the quality assurance landscape while reducing testing costs by almost 80%.
  • The experience of our testing engineers can help in increasing your functional testing, load testing, and browser compatibility testing coverage. In addition, we can also provide the assurance of better-quality standards and trust with your software releases.Daily and weekly work reports and updates.

So, choose our selenium automation testing services right now for leading the market with your core competencies!

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