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Around 26% of mobile users will leave your page if your loading time takes longer than 3 seconds

Software performance and load time matter! To ensure that, we test the performance at significantly high loads to verify, validate and measure its operational capabilities. In the end, you get ready to offer a smooth and authentic customer experience.

Never bite off more than you can chew

It will increase your software’s load and eventually impact its performance. Let our “Efficient” process help in identifying performance defects and reduce unessentials.

Why are Load and Performance Testing So Important?

It is one of the critical testing processes which is impossible to ignore. Doing load and performance testing improves the reliability of your software.

Benefits of Load & Performance Testing

Prevent your system from crashing from excessive loads


Applying agnostic testing techniques for mobiles and browsers


Top Class tools help in establishing high-performance stability and speed


Improve user experience with your online presence


Improve user experience with your online presence

How QAble Can Help You Achieve Performance Excellence?

We Keep Four Things in Mind,

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Consistent Performance

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What do We Cover in Our Services?

Our software performance testing covers several tasks to deliver accurate testing reports and work on them. It includes capacity planning, performance engineering, baseline test, endurance, stress, and many more. These are the following reasons why QAble is different for your performance testing-

  • Design and optimised testing model which suits your budget.
  • Expansive solutions and tools with research and development tasks.
  • Team of certified SMEs having significant knowledge of open source tools as well as application technologies.

Pass on your ‘load’ to us and watch us perform the right process for you.