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About Manual Testing

Even though automation is becoming more popular in recent times, manual testing still plays an important role in the software testing industry. Manual testing is vital in finding out the critical defects in the software that only humans can identify. Being a leading service provider we also offer Manual Software Testing Services in India including the international market. It ensures the delivery of flawless software with any performance issue.

Manual testing service is crucial in enhancing the quality and reliability of software applications. It tests all the functional aspects and eliminates potential errors in the application. As a leading manual testing service provider company, QAble can help you to deliver a high-quality application for enhanced user experience.

Why Manual Testing Service Is Needed?

Find Critical Defects

Manual testing is vital for testing the functional aspects of the application. It leverages the logical reasoning ability of humans and helps in the identification of critical defects.

Improved User Experience

The manual testing is usually carried out from the end-user perspective. With useful insights, it helps in enhancing the usability and overall user experience of the application.

High-Quality Performance

Manual testing filters out all the potential errors and reduces the chances of any defects in the application. It helps in ensuring the high-quality performance of the application.

Reduced Testing Costs

Manual testing enables the testing of software applications at a lower price. It helps in enhancing the cost-efficiency of the applications.

Benefits of Manual Testing Service

Manual Testing offers the following benefits to the businesses:


Manual testing aids in the detection of the most critical bugs in the applications.


Manual testing offers flexibility in the testing process to meet the specific needs of the project.


Manual testing helps in saving big on the testing costs.


Manual testing provides a satisfactory experience to the users.


Manual testing enhances the overall quality of the software application.

Our Manual Testing Process

At QAble, we follow a well-established and organized process to carry out our Manual Web Testing. We adopt the best practices in order to deliver exceptional outcomes to the clients. The steps included in our manual testing process are outlined below.

We discuss with the clients and determine the exact requirements of manual testing. The client requirements form the basis of our manual testing process.

We define the test plan and the objective of testing. We figure out the requirements and strategies to ensure high-quality manual testing of the application.

We build the test cases depending on the information provided by the clients. We ensure that the test cases are properly designed to provide the expected outcomes.

We select the right tools and techniques for the effective execution of the test. We run the test cases and ensure optimum outcomes.

We document all the observations and findings of the manual testing process. We summarize the testing details and provide the report of the same to the clients.


Our Manual Testing Services


Usability Testing

We help in finding out the usability issues of an application. We assist in resolving the potential usability problems before the release of the software. We ensure enhanced user experience.


Accessibility Testing

We ensure that the software can be easily accessed by every individual, including the differently-abled persons. We optimize the applications to expand its accessibility. We ensure that all the individuals in the society can seamlessly access the applications.


UI/UX Testing

We provide UI/ UX testing services for web and mobile applications. We ensure simple user interference to enable easy navigation for the user. We enhance the overall experience and satisfaction level of the users.


Web Application Testing

We test the interface and the functionalities of the web applications. We ensure building a faster loading web application for easy use. We enhance the safety and quality of web applications.

Why Choose Us

Why To Choose Us for Manual Testing Service?

  • We have years of experience in the testing domain.
  • We have a team of certified experts with in-depth knowledge and expertise to deliver quality testing services.
  • We employ the latest tools and techniques to deliver exceptional outcomes.
  • We provide a wide range of Manual Software Testing Services in India at competitive rates.

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