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About Chatbot Testing

Chatbots are another progressive implementation of Artificial Intelligence. The introduction of Chatbots is driving human-computer interaction to the next level. Chatbots are integrated with pre-defined tasks in the form of designed text conversations to communicate with the user. The technical aspects of developing a chatbot are secondary for considering, whereas the user experience remains the first. It is where Chatbot testing comes in the process. So if you are looking for the latest chatbot testing services in India & USA, we are the ultimate destination.

Further, QAble’s chatbot testing service ensures an efficient user experience for a chatbot. During this process, our testers check for the correct implementation of all the features into the bot. Continuing with that, the chatbot is also tested for its responsiveness to user queries. With a smart chatbot testing strategy, we aim to build an accurate and responsive chatbot.

Why Chatbot Testing Service Is Needed?

Work Automation

With the intelligent chatbot testing techniques, we improvise the automated aspects to deliver highly efficient work automation. All the business tasks that are frequent can be handled by automated chatbots efficiently.

Better Flexibility

The chatbots have the quality to be embedded in any type of industry to perform appropriately without much hassle. Chatbots are tested and designed in a way for easy switching by feeding the right conversation structure.

Customer Satisfaction

The automated chatbots after testing can be ensured to deliver great customer care. Also, the best chatbot automation testing in India can only be achieved at QAble. They are programmed in a way to carry out a happy tone with the customers at all costs.

Better Handling Capacity

Chatbots are capable of handling several customers at a single point in time. Faster replies and quick responses from chatbots build an interactive platform of communication amongst humans and computers.

Our Chatbot Testing Process

We take consideration to analyze the need of automation for the business. We check for the features, common functionalities, technicalities, and other attributes to understand the scope of automation before commencing with it.

In the next step, we select the test cases that require automation. We look for the automation test cases that are repeatedly executed, difficult for functioning manually, time-consuming, and other such factors.

The device pool is defined as a logical grouping of like devices where the chatbots work as per their designated queues.

We design the framework as it helps in improving the test structure and requires less code maintenance. With a framework design and integration, the training period of the tool is also reduced.

We make use of a programming language to prepare the test script that is performed for analyzing the behavior of the chatbots as per expectation. Some of the languages used for developing test scripts are Python, JavaScript, Tcl, Ruby, Perl, and others.

In this process, we prepare a strategy for test execution by implementing the codes. Here we compare the expected and the actual results to note the efficiency of the automated chatbots.

We also look for timely script maintenance because the code function changes with time and can give rise to unexpected errors. Therefore, we also take consideration of script maintenance.


Our Chatbot Testing Services


Conversation Design Testing

Under this service, we test the conversation flow of the chatbot and other aspects that are destined for delivering smooth conversation. The small talks, fallbacks, navigations, emotions and intent matching are such aspects that are taken care of in this service.


Entities Testing

Under this testing service, we help run the entity validation test and slot identification. It will help the chatbot validate the intent of the user for a task. This process tests the understanding ability of the chatbots to process the command.


Fulfillment Testing

Here, the bot is tested on the fulfillment parameter after the request is made. Fulfillment testing covers every point of integration to make sure the chatbot responses well.


User Acceptance Testing

Here, we test the functionality of the chatbot, whether it comes up to the expected goals and requirements or not. The chatbots are tested to be efficient enough to deal with customers of different personalities.


Why To Choose Us for Chatbot Testing Service?

  • We offer faster service assistance.
  • At QAble, we make use of modern tools for our automation testing process.
  • We ensure full control over the test cases for efficient work progress.
  • We generate customizable reports for future analysis.

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