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When and why company need software testing
When And Why Does a Company Need Software Testing?

Testing is something that makes your product efficient, productive, engaging, and interactive. After proper testing, a product gets stability and sustenance in the market. Quality Assurance is an integral part of product development, and launching a product without proper testing,

What is the scope of software testing?
What Is the Scope of Software Testing?

Making a career in Software Testing is always the best choice because technology is growing day by day. New applications are getting created, and hence there is a demand for the best testers in order to maintain the quality of

What is Cross Browser Testing
What is Cross Browser Testing and How to perform it?

Cross Browser Testing is one of the methodologies through which the quality team assures the working ability of any website across all existing web browsers. We can also understand it as the compatibility of websites at various Web Browser. It

Best Practices Software Testing That Every One Must Follow

Did you know? IBMstates that the cost of errors increases continuously and the bug can cost you 30 times more than you discover them in early stages. But the matter is Why does the bug grow? Conventional mindset, “We Will