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When And Why Does a Company Need Software Testing?

12 Apr
Software Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. Why do you need software testing?

    Testing is something that makes your product efficient, productive, engaging, and interactive. After proper testing, a product gets stability and sustenance in the market. Quality Assurance is an integral part of product development, and launching a product without proper testing, will lead it towards failure.

    We have seen some cases where product owners were not willing to spend more on the QA process because they prefer to have casual testing only. It is the biggest myth that anyone can do testing.

    Testing also demands professionalism and if you don’t have a professional team for testing of product, forget its success. Testing enhances the worth of a product and reduces the chance of its damages. Let’s have some discussion over the demand for testing.

    Why do you need software testing?

    Testing offers quality, and the present era is of smart minds so, one should not compromise with it. There are various reasons that make testing an integrated part of software development.

    Enhances Quality of Product:

    After getting requirements from the client, the technical team develops software. Afterward, the testing team makes it compatible across all the devices and resolutions through various methods of testing.

    The condition of a product becomes more powerful and impressive after testing. If a product is able to serve the quality, only then it can survive in the market.

    During testing, the QA team verifies the performance of the application through various operating systems, browsers, mobile devices, etc. The testing team makes sure to follow all the basics and do complete justification with the quality of the product.

    Offers Consumer’s Satisfaction:

    Testing team always ensures to maintain the satisfaction level of the end-users. They analyze the performance of an application from the perspective of end-users. Consumers should be comfortable while using the application.

    The testing team ensures that the application must be simple to understand and use. The public always prefers to use quick and appealing applications, and during testing, the team takes care of it.

    What will be the consequences if you ignore testing?

    If you ignore testing of your product, consequences will be as mentioned below:

    • Waste of invested money.
    • Losing Users’ Trust.
    • More risk of damages.
    • Waste of man-power and efforts.
    • Spoiling Brand’s Name.
    When should a company go for testing?

    Testing is an independent phase of software development. All the modules are thoroughly cross-verified during testing. Raised bugs are, given to the development team for resolution, and once the QA approves the product, only then it is launched in the public domain.

    Hence once the development of the product, is done by ensuring the requirement of the client, immediately should be handed over to the Quality Assurance department. A company starts testing once the development team has created the product as per the requirement document.

    Post that, the testing team comes on board to test the evolved product and highlights the errors and missing points as per the specification document. From here on, the development and QA team works in association and ensure to deliver bug-free software.

    QAble is one of the preeminent QA company and by using our experience we can say one thing for sure. If you want to make your software “ruler”, do not compromise with the professional testing process.

    Testing empowers software and ensures its success in the market. If any query comes to mind, feel free to get in touch. We will be more than happy to assist you. Thank you for browsing the page and please continue doing it.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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