What is Usability Testing?

8 Apr
Usability Testing

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    1. Usability Testing Example

    The concept of usability testing revolves around user experience because the method ensures accessibility of an application from the user’s perspective. In order to highlight the usability defects of an application, a small group of people analyze the application and share their views.  

    QAble offers web usability testing services in India & USA and we have realized the potential of usability testing. Hence, we will elaborate on some significant features of usability testing.

    The software testing method assures how efficiently a user can access your application. Also, being a top software testing company in India & USA, we recommend implementing usability testing from the very initial step of development.

    It delivers more transparency to the application and fulfills the expectation of the users. Further, without proper usability testing, a product can’t be moved into production.

    See, we know, an application is built with huge expectations, and being a business person, you will do your best to fulfill the users’ desire. And usability testing is something that lets you know about the experience of a user.

    Following the feedback, improvisations are made to the application. As a result, you get a quality product to launch. So, guys, usability testing plays an important and one should never underestimate or ignore it.

    Usability Testing Example

    Let’s understand the concept more precisely through an example. Suppose a company has made an advance oven. Before launch, the company will perform usability testing with trusted users.

    They will collect their feedback, work accordingly and then launch the product in the market. The software industry also follows the same trend. We all know, a product is made for the public, and their reaction matters a lot.

    An illustration will help understand the usability testing in IT companies. Suppose an E-commerce website s ready to launch. Here, a small group of users is made, and their actions are monitored.

    You need to observe the following things.

    • How much time does it take to load?
    • If products are navigating correctly?
    • How do they feel about shopping on the website?
    • If the users are happy with the color combination?
    • What is the response rate?
    • Users are staying for how much time?

    There are thousands of such things that need to be monitored and analyzed in order to make the product successful. So if you are planning for a brilliant product, hire the best QA testers. Further our resources are known to deliver quality so you can try them as well!

    How usability testing is different from other testing methods?

    Traditional testing methods are technical. Majorly developers, testers, and other tech teams perform testing. Here the ultimate aim is to match an application as per the requirements shared by the client.

    And, usability testing revolves around user experience. This test can be carried out by the tech or non-tech team. We know, users are non-technical and they simply use an application. And tester needs to analyze the application from the perspective of a user.

    There are five methods via which usability testing is performed.

    1. Moderate Usability Testing
    2. Remote Usability Testing
    3. In-person Usability Testing
    4. Explorative Usability Testing
    5. Comparative Usability Testing

    Why should you follow usability testing?

    Usability testing improves the quality of an application and offers a better customer experience. You must know the advantages of usability testing in order to increase the worth of a business application.

    Further, with the implementation of usability testing, testers ensure the accessibility, robustness, performance, and engagement of an application. Also, these parameters are important to analyze prior to moving the application to production.

    We are offering web and mobile app usability testing services in India and the following usability testing ensures:

    Effectiveness: How effortlessly users can use the application? If an application is fulfilling the people’s demand? These scenarios are validated while testing the effectiveness of an application.

    Efficiency: While testing the efficiency of an application, testers check whether the users are using the applications effortlessly. No one wants a complex application and hence we should keep it accessible and user-friendly.

    User Satisfaction: Do you the most important thing in business? Yes, it is the user’s satisfaction. Hence we should ensure the quality of an application from all perspectives. We all know these are the major pillars of an application. And to sustain it in the market, all these parameters should be monitored thoroughly.

    Benefits of usability testing

    Meet user’s expectations: Usability testing highlights the points that create issues for the users. The complete requirement is matched along with the user experience. Also, meeting the client’s expectations is the ultimate aim of usability testing.

    Facilitates ways to think: During usability testing, users’ feedback is collected. The feedback helps developers to explore more ways in order to make the application more focused and goal-oriented.

    Offers better customer experience: Usability testing offers a better user experience by analyzing the application from the perspective of the users. Applications are made accessible to everyone so that end-users could use the same effortlessly.

    Improve overall performance: Whole performance of a business application is boosted after usability testing. As a result, engagement of the application increases.

    Risk Minimization: The potential risks are reduced after usability testing. Hence to have a productive and interactive application, usability testing is important.


    Now you must have understood the potential of the testing. We have highlighted the concept of usability testing along with its significance. Industries are strictly following the software testing method in order to maintain the quality of an application.

    Further being a trusted QA company in India, we make sure to recommend the right methods. Apart from that, if you need any assistance in your project, hire QA testers in India exclusively from QAble. Do you want to connect with our Experts.? Click Here !

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