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What is software testing certificate? benefits of software testing certificate

8 Apr
Software Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. What is Certification in Testing?

    What is Certification in Testing?

    Certification in testing highlights your expertise and achievement. It shows the effort that you make to grow professionally. Also, in the present era, being successful is not as challenging as sustaining it.  Besides, we all need to go the extra mile to become different from our competitors, and certification does it for you.  

    Hence, for those who are willing to have a shining career in QA, this software testing blog will be helpful. So, one should stay here and gather knowledge.

    What is ISTQB certification?

    Now, if we are discussing Certification in Testing and not mentioning ISTQB (International Software Testing Qualification Board) Certification, our statement will be incomplete.

    Also, more than 100 countries consider ISTQB software testing certification. From here, you can estimate the worth of this certification in testing. There are approximately 57000 certifications but, the ISTQB is the leader, and people are behind it.

    Furthermore, we cannot deny the fact that competition is increasing day by day. And in order to sustain a growing professional life, one should have expertise in any of the demanding concepts of technology. Testing is under one of such demands, and IT industries are constantly looking for QA experts.

    Role of certification

    Additionally, in the professional career, certification plays a significant role because it makes people aware of your skills and training. Moreover, it showcases the learning ability of the individual as well. Here we will get to know about the worth of certification in testing. Before going on the deeper side of the certification, let’s have a quick look over one practical example.

    It is from our routine life, and you can relate to it for sure. Suppose you are a good racer and always come first whenever participate. When you get certification after coming winning the race, it increases your potential as a racer.  

    On contrary, if you do not get any certification, despite coming first in the race, no one will recognize you. In the very same way, certification works in our professional careers. It boosts and takes the career to the next level.

    How can one take Certification in Testing?

    Aspirants are sometimes become confused in order to select the right certification program. Also, they do not about the ways to opt for the certification courses. Here we will let you know the ways through which you can take certification in testing.

    Moreover, when it comes to certification in testing, a QA always tries to get ISTQB Certification. Besides, getting certified from ISTQB acts as a catalyst and boosts your professional career frequently.  

    Generally, some leading institutes offer training and certification. During the training period, you do not only learn technical skills but also get a professional environment. It helps you to interact with people professionally. Also, it makes you friendly with corporate life.

    Act smartly while selecting your provider:

    However, getting certification is not a big deal but, you need to select your institute wisely. As we are quite aware of the cases of frauds and people are just offering fake certifications for the sake of money only.

    Hence, always be careful while selecting an institute or organization for certification in testing. Also, now there are many leading testing companies in India that are offering certification in testing.

    ISTQB and other corporate-level certification

    Those who are looking for corporate-level certification, should contact the companies, and they will share their formalities. If you are looking to get certification from ISTQB, go to their online platform and make your registration.

    Various options will be in front of you, and based on your choice, you can opt for the certification. They will conduct an online exam, and you have to participate in it.

    Also, you can participate in the exam either from home or at any testing center. In addition to that, if you are willing to go for any other certification, make your registration. Participate in the online exam, and based on your score, you will get proper certification.

    How will the Certification help a software tester?

    As we have said earlier, certification plays an important role in a professional career. Here are some key factors of having certification in testing. If you are looking to know about the advantages of testing certification, here you go:

    It makes you different in the crowd

    Many testers are roaming in the market to get a good career, but those having a certification, are considered experts. Companies give preference to the candidates having certification.

    As we know the competitiveness of the present time, so you should always make a unique place for yourself. In this, getting certified is the best method.

    It makes your selection easier

    During the screening, HR prefers the resumes having certification in testing. As the availability of the certification makes your resume effective, and companies always prefer them.

    Also, screening is very important, as based on that, companies conduct the actual interview. So make your resume extra happening and attractive after doing certification in testing.

    It helps in getting new opportunities

    We know that there is always a crisis of jobs in the market. At the same time, it is also true that companies have a crisis of experts. Hence all the companies keep looking for rising talents in the market.

    As you have certification and you will definitely be their choice. Also, the certification has the power to grow your career and make you happier forever.

    It offers frequent promotions

    The professional career becomes more exciting when we get consistent promotions. It is so because professional growth motivates us mentally as well as financially. And when you have a certification, companies are bound to offer promotions, because no one prefers to lose an intelligent and knowledgeable employee.

    Best Software Testing Certifications to Take In 2021

    We are in the QA industry for more than ten years, and have seen many individuals confused about certification. By gathering our years of experience, here, we are mentioning some best testing certifications.

    It will not only explore your career but also brings confidence to your professional life. Also, by doing any of the courses, you will always lead the professional race of your life. Here comes, the list of best software testing certification that one should opt for:


    ISTQB is the most searched word in the testing industry. Those who are willing for the testing certification, plan for ISTQB certification only. Moreover, 100+ companies support ISTQB, and it has 81 testing certification courses. If you are willing to become an agile tester, do registration and give an exam.


    The aspirant who wants to join the “Quality Control” department of testing should opt for CSTE (Certified Test Engineer). It offers you the capability to perform best in the field of quality control.


    People keeping interested in “Quality Assurance” and “Quality Control”, should chooseCSQA (Certified Quality Analyst). For experienced testers, the certification has a huge significance, and by achieving it, one can take his career to the top level.


    Another certification in testing is CQA that stands for Certified Quality Auditor which is a QA tester certification course. By doing the certification a tester gets a chance to boost the career by enhancing the testing abilities.

    Furthermore, the certification lets you understand the concepts of auditing as well. If you have kept your vision for this professional approach, the CQA certification will suit you the best.


    CQE means Certified Quality Engineer and the certification in CQE helps testers learning the principles of the products. It also supports an individual to improvise their ability at quality evaluation control. Those who are not getting proper growth in their testing career should join the certification program and make a unique place in the industry.


    Aspirants willing to enhance their command of testing and develop testing skills should join CSTP certification. CSTP stands for Certified Software Test Professional Level. The certification offers fast growth in the professional career.

    Final Words

    We are leading the QA industry, and based on our experience, we are saying that certification is an essential thing that one should definitely opt to sustain professional growth. Above, we have mentioned various significances of certification in our software testing blog.

    If you belong to the QA world and look to become a quality tester with a handsome payout, certification is mandatory for you. Moreover, certification brings quality to your testing skills.

    Also, Qable has experts who can guide you in a better way. If you are looking to know more about the benefits of certification in testing, feel free to get in touch. Also, if you are confused about opting for the right certification program, we are here to help.

    Simply write your query and share it with us. We will try and help you in the most significant way. We know the worth of one’s career hence we always recommend whatever is best for you.

    Keep browsing our website to know more outstanding facts about the QA industry. Stay Safe and Keep in Touch.

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