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What is QAOps? Various QAOps Job Roles and Responsibilities

8 Apr
Software Testing

Table of content

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    Table of Content

    1. What is QAOps?

    When it comes to mobile app testing services in India, QAble is your most trusted partner. Using the emerging testing tools, we make sure quality delivery of the business application.

    Today, we will discuss one evolving concept that is QAOps, along with its tools & methodologies. So far, you must have heard about DevOps whose intent is to collaborate between two business units (development & operations) to ensure smooth execution of the projects.

    One idea stroked to the mind of technocrats when we have the flexibility to build a technology that has brought development & operations together, so we must have something to bring testing and operations units together.

    Thus, a new flavor of DevOps came into existence and its name is QAOps.

    What is QAOps?

    The concept of QAOps revolves around maintaining the quality of the application. As we know the quality of an application matters the most and QAOps came into existence to execute the same.

    Previously IT industries invest lots of time behind quality testing but with QAOps the problem is cured. QAOps allows testers to analyze the business application by being in the coordination of the development team.

    As a result, they detect bugs at the very early stage of development that further saves time and cost. Additionally, the aim of QAOps is to increase the pace of the execution process without compromising the quality of the business application.

    How does a QAOps Framework work?

    Now, we elaborate on the methodologies used in the QAOps framework. It gives us an understanding of the structuring of the concept and is also essential from a fundamental point of view.

    On technical grounds, the framework of QAOps has integrated the QA Process and Software Operations. Both these units are combined to build a software operational model. Further, the framework also integrates automation & reporting dashboards with the software development processes.

    As a whole, QAOps follows the concept of continuous testing. It is the same as CI/CD (Continuous Integration/Continuous Development) process in DevOps.

    The ultimate intent is to maintain the quality and quick delivery of the projects. Also, we at QAble have experts in QAOps and if you need any help, we are ready to help. We are offering software testing services in USA & India. So, feel free to connect.

    Why is QAOps important? (Benefits of QAOps)

    The current market is smart and quality is their utmost requirement. That is why software development companies and constantly working to achieve premium quality. With the evolution of QAOps, their struggle is reduced and they can efficiently achieve their milestone in terms of quality.

    Further, implementing QAOps has brought numerous benefits to the industries. Here we will discuss the benefits of QAOps so that one can know its real potential.

    Enhanced Quality:

    Delivering quality business solutions is the ultimate aim of QAOps. Thus, with the implementation of the concept, we get assured quality.Further, it works in coordination with the Operations as a result of which quality is achieved in less effort unlike to traditional testing approach.

    Faster Delivery:

    With QAOps entire project is delivered in the least timeframe. It brings two business units together, hence the concept of CI/CD/CT (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery / Continuous Testing) comes together. As a result, projects are delivered in the least time.

    Efficient process:

    The concept of QAOps revolves around the validation and reporting of the end result. As a result, it ensures a precise understanding of the processes involved.It also allows the detection of bugs at the early stage of the development further saving time and development cost.

    No communication gap:

    Before QAOps, development, and testing always fight because of miscommunication or misunderstanding. They keep finding mistakes in each other. But QAOps resolves their issue by bringing them under one environment.

    As testing is done continuously and hence there is no delay for the operations team.

    Great customer experience:

    When your client is happy, you are happy. Almost all software development companies in India and USA work on the same concept. And QAOps offers quality that ultimately makes your client happy.

    There are three phases through which QAOps works, let’s explore them:


    The step plays an important role because the process initiates by triggering only. When the application is added to the CI/CD pipeline, at the same time, you need to create the right tests. Make sure, the tests should be proper and accurate enough for the required technical changes. Otherwise, you will lose the right direction of testing. Time and effort both will waste. Being a leading testing company in India, we always recommend building plans for testing that will save your cost and effort. In order to initiate the TIGGER phase, the subsequent key aspects should be followed:

    • Initial mapping of tests
    • Follow all testing methods inclusive of integration testing
    • Use the tests to check the code and its deployment

    After “Trigger”, you need to more to Execute the process. This step follows parallel testing for the application and ensures the developer has everything he required in order to deliver accurate output. The process should go on with DevOps testing to avoid any hurdle or issue. During this step you should follow the mentioned key aspects:

    • Follow parallel testing to immediately start the process
    • Execute integration testing using appropriate support.
    • Keep monitoring the scalability of the project.
    • Make sure all the tests are executed in the required series.
    • Make arrangements for the required infrastructure and resources.

    This is the last step of the QAOps process. Here you need to build a report following step 1 and step 2. Your reporting should be accurate and it should contain each and every detail about the process, tests, application, etc.

    Make sure to mention whatever processes and plans are made and followed during Trigger & Execute steps. This record should be enough for the stakeholders in order to analyze the system in detail. To make your understanding clearer we are sharing some rules.

    Follow the given key aspects in order to strengthen your reporting process:

    • Make sure to capture screenshots to represent the detailed view of an application.
    • Don't forget to mention the root cause of all the steps taken
    • The report should be easily accessible to anyone
    • The report should have all the references for the future as well. It means, even in the future one can get an idea about the entire project.

    We are a leading Software testing company in USA & India and always encourage testers to use evolving technologies like QAOps and deliver outstanding results. Also, you can hire QA testers in India exclusively from QAble.

    Our resources are experienced enough to maintain the premium quality of your business app. Further, you can also explore our Software testing services in USA & India and know more about us.

    We always believe in moving ahead with technology and this is the reason we are a leading testing company. So guys if anything comes to mind related to QAOps, feel free to connect. Stay tuned for more updates.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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