Top 10 Software Testing Trends in 2022

8 Apr
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    1. 2022's Cutting-Edge Software Testing Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

    We all are in the year 2022 with new objectives and goals. We sincerely hope for the best year ahead for all of us. QAble is the best software testing company in India, where we follow the latest trends in software testing.

    As a QA company, our ultimate aim is to deliver the bug-free application to our clients. Also, testing drives quality, and being an experienced company, we make sure to keep the world informed about it.

    However, technology has grown a lot, and so with the testing trends. Here we will know about software testing trends in 2022 that maintain the agility of your application.

    2022's Cutting-Edge Software Testing Trends: A Comprehensive Overview

    1. API & Service Test Automation

    The current design trend in Web and Mobile Applications is decoupling the client and server. In the application, the technical team reuses API and services. Hence there is a need to test the APIs and reused services.

    If client applications and components have reused APIs & services, the QA team should focus on validating them rather than testing the client. This approach will be more efficient, effective, and accurate.

    Hence, we recommend the team run API & Service test automation through API testing tools and make an application more interactive, appealing, focused, and goal-oriented.

    2. Artificial Intelligence for testing

    The implementation of AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) is well known. Now the testing team should be focused on testing an application using the approach of AI.

    There are various algorithms of AI that help to generate reliable and better test cases, scripts, test reports, and test data. Its predictive model helps the testers for the identification of when what, and what to test.

    Using the provision of analytics and visualization support, the QA team gets an effective plan after detecting bugs and identifying high-risk areas.

    Although this testing approach is in the early stage but being a tester, one should keep following. Experts will get the ways to optimize this testing method through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

    3. Mobile Test Automation

    We all know mobile applications have acquired the world that further increases the scope of mobile testing. In order to support DevOps, mobile test automation should be part of DevOps toolchains.

    Mobile application users are increasing continuously, and industries are more inclined towards smart applications.

    The testing is trending because it allows more time for product marketing and implements automation testing tools for the effectiveness of the app.

    4. Test Environment & Data

    Another new trend in software testing is test environment & data. We know, the increasing growth and demand for IoT (Internet of Things) devices have excelled the need for test environment & data.

    Further, we all are pretty well aware of the cloud-based and containerized test environment. In such a scenario, the testing team should enhance their skills in order to validate the application under various environments.

    Also, they need to assure, no loss of data during migrations. Because of this reason, organizations are aggressively working on it, and developing strategies to make an exceptional product.

    5. User Experience Test

    User experience is something with which no one compromises. If an application is incapable of building connections, it is useless. Thus, validating UX becomes one of the latest trends in software testing. The ultimate intention behind software development is to make it compatible, user-friendly, and innovative. By performing user experience tests, the QA team does its best to achieve these required objectives.

    6. Test Automation

    Testing covers a comprehensive range of test cases. And most of them are effectively achieved through test automation. Also, through automation, the QA team gets assured results in a quick time.  

    We know, everywhere you can’t perform automation testing. However, some critical test cases can be performed using automation techniques. Also, the testing technique identifies high-risk areas and notify for a better plan of action.

    Further, as technologies are evolving, there are many trending tools in software testing that increase the potential of the business application and make it compatible.

    7. Agile and DevOps

    DevOps are one of the trending technologies for application development, hence, their testing methods. Agile and DevOps testing help for the adoption of rapidly changing environments & delivering focused output along with the performance.

    Further, following the testing method, the QA team ensures the quality of the application along with its speed. Also, it comes under leading software testing trends in 2022, and if you are willing to bring quality to the DevOps application, this method is mandatory.

    8. Audio & Video Testing

    This Covid time has locked the professionals into their homes and, they are operating from there only. Further, Audios and Videos are the only modes through which the world has connected now.

    The approach makes testing of audio and video mandatory. Also, when your mode of interaction relies on this part, it must work efficiently otherwise, the whole purpose is defeated.

    Hence, we recommend testing applications based on these factors is essential. By using automated testing tools, you can easily verify the quality of images, videos, sound, etc.

    9. Blockchain Testing

    Cryptocurrency has taken the world into a new era, and everyone is running behind it. As per the records of 2021, many companies have accepted cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

    We assure, this year the number will be even more. It clearly shows blockchain testing is one of the new trends in software testing that assures the security of all transactions.

    By being in the QA industry for so many years, we can visualize the demand for blockchain testing, and we are sure to fulfill the same.

    10. Cybersecurity Testing

    Quality testing ensures the security of an application because this is its ultimate aim. Also, to assure the security of software, experts keep on investigating the best and effective testing methods and tools.

    Server attacks are one of the major concerns of the IT industry, and they are doing their best to offer high-level security. Hence in the year 2022, cybersecurity testing needs attention. While performing cybersecurity testing, we need to determine crucial security susceptibilities at the very early steps of SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle).

    Also, those issues need to be sorted immediately before they create any damage. Further, pay attention to the data protection of consumers, stakeholders, and other involved partners. Also, do your best to strengthen your reputation and build trust.


    QAble is working on the latest testing software tools in order to match up the steps with technologies. Also, we keep sharing our experiences through blogs. And in the year 2022, we will share the new ones as well.

    Additionally, if you are looking to know more about these software testing trends in 2022, get in touch. Also, do not miss our software testing blogs 2022 because it has power capsules that boost your testing skills.

    Feel free to contact us, as we will be more than happy to help. We will catch you in the next blog of testing till then, keep browsing.

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