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How Product Quality Affects Your Brand: Top 5 Ways

5 Apr
5 Minutes
Software Testing

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    Let’s take an example that, you have released your software product to the market with a large audience in mind. Initially, you got good leads and conversions that increased your revenue. After a while, you notice that the leads and revenues are dropping drastically.

    So, what could be the possible reasons?Well, there could be many. Developing software and testing it well before market release is not an easy task. Before they get deployed to production, they need to pass several quality checks.

    A well tested and a quality product is what you want for your users. The main goal for any software product or service is to meet the expectations of its users in every possible way. At the end, it all comes down to Quality.

    Your brand image most certainly depends upon the quality of your software product or services. If your software product does not matches up with the promised quality, it’s certainly a red flag for your business.

    A quality product is what that survives even in the most competitive environments. Products can have flaws, they are inevitable, but those flaws needs to be rectified as quickly as possible.

    Software testing company or QA professionals make sure of your product quality So what are the ways in which software product quality that affect your brand image, directly or indirectly?

    Let’s try to answer the question in this blog with 5 Ways through which the quality of a product affects your brand.

    Table of Content
    1. 5 Ways Product Quality Affects Your Brand
    2. What You Should Keep in Mind While Evaluating Software Product Quality?
    3. Learn the QAble Ways: For Better Software Product Quality
    4. FAQs

    5 Ways Product Quality Affects Your Brand


    #1 - Competitive Differentiation

    In the tough and competitive software market, product quality can be as a major differentiator. Below are some of the factors supporting the fact.

    • Customers don’t mind paying more money for high-quality products.
    • Quality software product creates unique action-plans for businesses to meet specific customer needs.
    • Increases customer retention and loyalty as the software product stands out in a crowded marketplace.

    What are the different types of competitive differentiation?

    • Price
    • Product Features
    • Customer Service
    • Brand Image
    • Innovation
    • Distribution Channels


    • Coca-Cola and Pepsi have a strong competitiveness but have a significant product differentiation through branding.
    • Toyota has built a strong reputation in achieving a unique stand in the automotive market through quality products.
    • Samsung and Apple are market leaders and strong competitors displaying their unique qualities compared to other brands.

    #2 - Building Trust with Customers

    Let’s take an example of an electronic product like an earphone. Considering two options - one is from a highly reputed brand like Bose and the other is from some unknown local manufacturer. Needless to say, you will choose Bose due to its reliability and the trust it has gained for so many years. The price of Bose earphones is out of context here, since we are talking about quality.

    • Create positive experiences to establish trust with your customers. This is only possible with the best product quality.
    • Design products by keeping customers' needs and demands in mind.
    • Focus on increasing brand recognition. This helps users to be more familiar to the brand due to consistent brand identity.


    • Customers trust TATA Motors because they have been making high quality products for over 50 years.
    • Big technology companies such as Apple and Google offer enjoyable experiences for their users. This helps to create trust with customers.

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    #3 - Getting Fewer Returns and Complaints

    Getting recommendations from family members and friends for a product is the result of great software product quality. Positive reviews with closed ones develop a positive image. This impacts purchasing decisions leading to expanding customer base.

    • Satisfied customers recommending your product to others increase organic growth and a strong brand reputation.
    • It increases the chances of happy customers to make additional purchases or premium services due to the best software product quality.
    • Fewer returns lower the costs for shipping, restocking, and other related expenses.


    • You create a feature where customers get automatic updates of their product increasing transparency and reducing returns.
    • Online sellers utilize high-quality software products for order management to minimize customer complaints regarding shipping.

    #4 - Getting Higher ROI

    • Achieving a high return on investment is the ultimate goal for any business. Investing your efforts and time in enhancing software product quality is the key to increasing ROI.
    • Best-quality products signify that products may experience fewer defects and warranty-related claims.
    • It builds a strong brand reputation to attract new customers and open new opportunities.
    • Being a company delivering high-quality software products with increased ROI becomes an attractive portfolio for stakeholders.


    • Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce site that offers reliable and smooth shopping experience leading to repeat purchases and higher ROI.

    #5 - Customer Perception

    Customer perception signifies what view they have for a particular company, its services, and its products. It totally depends on person to person. This an important role in shaping consumer behavior, attitudes, and other decisions.

    • Customer perception impacts satisfaction levels. This leads to a strong and reputable brand image.
    • It encourages customer loyalty and the purchase of more products.
    • It also has a great influence on potential customers with their authentic reviews.


    • A popular mobile game creates a huge fan base only with authentic reviews and brand image. It is impossible to achieve this position and trust with poor software product quality of the game. Proper mobile game testing can make sure of it.

    What You Should Keep in Mind While Evaluating Software Product Quality?

    Product quality sheds light on the capability of a product to meet customer expectations. Let's look at some of the questions that comes to mind while testing a product as QA experts.

    Functional Testing

    • Do you evaluate the inputs and outputs?
    • Is the software performing every function as specified?

    Performance Testing

    • Check how the software product is performing under different stress and load conditions
    • Detect and mitigate all performance bottlenecks and memory leaks.

    Usability Testing

    • Have you thoroughly checked the user-friendliness of the product?
    • Is there any error or issue in navigating across the software?

    Security Testing

    • Have you followed the best practices for maintaining security and software product quality?
    • Identify if there is any data breach or loopholes.
    • Has the software been thoroughly tested with the necessary tools and resources?

    Compliance Testing

    • Does the software product quality adhere to the industry regulations, standards, and other legal requirements?

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    Addressing the above questions will definitely help you rectify issues in a short duration, saving your time and money. As a result, you will be able to launch an a quality product fulfilling your customer’s needs.

    Learn the QAble Ways: For Better Software Product Quality

    QAble’s software testing team focuses practical user interactions to ensure that software works well. With more than a decade of experience as a leading software testing company in India, we conduct detailed testing to identify potential performance issues and bottlenecks, error handling, data and system integrity, and more.

    We have also listed some essential tips that can help you achieve the best software product quality.

    • Code Reviews- Conduct regular code reviews to identify errors, glitches, potential bugs, and improvement areas.
    • Version Control- Employ version control systems and track crucial changes to collaborate with team members effectively.
    • Monitoring after Product Release- Monitor the software quality starting from planning to development and even after release. It helps in addressing issues that may arise after development.
    • Skill Development and Training- Must invest in skill development and training for your QA team to remain updated with the best practices and latest technologies and tools.

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    Don’t miss out on this opportunity to experience a flawless and smooth testing process for your product.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.


    What things impact the quality of software products?

    Following best coding practices, testing well, being clear, and having skilled developers impact the quality of software.What are the main difficulties in making high-quality software?Things like users’ changing needs, requirements that keep changing, and not having a lot of time can all affect how good the software is.

    What happens when software quality improves?

    It leads to customers being more loyal to the brand, a better position to compete against rivals, and trust from customers.

    What can be done to keep software products high-quality?

    Use automated tests, having others review the code, and updating regularly are the best ways to maintain software product quality.

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