Importance of Chatbot Application Testing

12 Apr
Chatbot Testing

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    1. How does Chatbot work?
    2. Scenarios Of Chatbot Testing
    3. How to perform testing of chatbot application?

    The progressive digital world has made life automatic, and the technologies driven by Artificial Intelligence plays an important role here. Moreover, the era revolves around automation. Also, it is improvising with better technical aspects almost daily.

    In the context of automation, chatbots are gaining attention. Previously, service providers offer assistant through manual methods. Now we have “Chatbots”. Yeah, they interact in the same way as a human does and assist all the users superbly.

    Moreover, Chatbots are playing a vital role in the present scenario. They save time and offer quick support to the clients. Also, to provide the best service, the chatbot should be smart enough to generate the correct response. Hence, we will discuss the methods and importance of chatbot application testing.

    How does Chatbot work?

    Chatbots entertain the end queries and guide them properly. To assist clients quickly, programmers feed some set of questions and answers. After receiving the query, the chatbot matches it with the database and give respective replies.  

    As the chatbot is an interface that entertains queries, hence it should work with perfection. So, their testing becomes mandatory.

    Why do you need Chatbots?

    Business uses chatbots to showcase their continuous presence to assist clients online.

    Chatbots support in multiple ways like:

    • Chatbot saves time and human effort
    • Maintains professionalism of the business
    • Chatbot attends client queries on priority and instantly
    • Chatbot increases the trust of end-users by offering quick assistance
    • Business gets more engagements than usual.

    Hence, these are the reasons that make chatbots essential for businesses. As far as testing of chatbots is a concern, the QA team should take it very seriously. It is the only platform through which the client interacts, and hence testers should test it in all possible environments.

    Chatbots are easy to create or integrate, but whether it offers a good user experience or not, is a challenging thing. Moreover, a chatbot is productive only if it provides consistent support. So let’s have a look over the various scenarios of chatbot testing.

    Scenarios Of Chatbot Testing

    Before going to the detailed section of chatbot testing, here are some conditions that you must follow. You should keep the following points in mind during validation of a chatbot:

    • If there is a valid response towards a logical question of the user?
    • If there is an invalid response towards a logical question of the user?
    • No response from the chatbot.

    How to perform testing of chatbot application?

    Before testing, the testers should ensure all the elements of the chatbot. Basically, there are some criteria through which the QA team performs testing.

    As a result, it drives the smooth performance of the chatbot.

    These four areas are:

    1. Testing of conversational flow

    As we all know, chatbots are all about chatting with the end-users, and hence the chatbot should be smart enough to converse. There are various aspects through which we should test it.

    There may be a possibility that end users raise a concern to change the scheduled date of appointment, and if the bot is unable to process the request, the chatbot is not smart. Also, the user should be satisfied while chatting with a bot, and it is only possible if the bot responds to all the requests in the proper manner.

    Hence the conversational flow needs proper testing by assuming all the possible circumstances. Always maintain the length of the texts because no one likes lengthy lines.

    2. Understanding and Entities Testing

    The chatbot application is driven by the concept of Artificial Intelligence and developed in NLP (Natural Language Processing). The system has to process the entities entered by the users and generate its response correspondingly.

    The development of chatbot takes place by keeping the word knowledge in mind. It helps them to understand the specific and emphasizing words.

    Furthermore, to verify the performance of the chatbot, testers enter multiple words like an end-user. Apart from that, no one knows other’s mindsets with accuracy, but testers test with maximum possibilities.

    3. Exception handling Testing

    Another essential aspect of Chatbot testing is Exception handling. This phase of testing demands lots of efforts and intelligence. Here, testers test exceptional conditions because the public domain is unpredictable.

    The replies of the bot should have some sense. Developers should always keep the conditions in mind and throw exceptions. As a result, the bot generates a relevant response to the queries. It is the most preferred as well as a crucial area of testing. Hence the whole team should collaborate to build a productive chatbot application.

    4. Accuracy and Speed Testing of Chatbot Application

    Moreover, the main aim of the chatbot system is to give quick assistance to the end-user. In contrast, if you compromise the speed or accuracy, there is no benefit of integrating the chatbot. People would prefer emails rather than waiting on chat.

    Hence during testing, the team should always analyze the response time of the chatbot. Also, the users become disappointed if they get a delayed response. So, chatbots should maintain the optimum speed of replies.

    Furthermore, the accuracy of a chatbot is equally essential. If your chatbot replies too fast but with misspelled or wrong information, this is of no use. Always make sure that the response rate should be fast along with maximum possible accuracy.

    Hence these are the most required format to test the working functionality of the chatbot application. Always follow the mentioned testing methods and offer the best user experience to your clients.

    We all are willing to offer better out of the best. Hence, we make your product interactive, engaging, and free from bugs. Keep browsing!!!

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