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How To Test In A High Developer-To-Tester Ratio?

8 Apr
5 Minutes
Software Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. Why should we focus on the developer-to-tester ratio?

    The most debated concept in the software development companies in India & world revolves around the ratio of testers and developers.

    How many testers should be there for developers? Is one tester enough for 3 developers or 4 developers? The answer is yet not clear because the number of testers depends on various factors. And keeping this in mind we have brought this blog that talks about the developer-to-tester ratio.

    Apart from that if you are looking to hire QA testers in India & USA, QAble is your exclusive service partner. As we know, testing of any product is essential and in this “quick-release” world, it should be fast, result-driven, and user-friendly.

    Testers have to determine the productivity of an application by maintaining the quality of code.

    Why should we focus on the developer-to-tester ratio?

    Resource utilization plays a major role in investment. IT companies plan their budget by considering the output of each and every candidate. As far as the developer-to-tester ratio is concerned, they must be aware of it. Companies should allocate a tester for a fixed number of developers or projects.

    Also, they should not overlook the productivity of an application. Testers should be utilized appropriately so that they could deliver the expected quality. Further, being an experienced software testing service provider in India, we know the condition of IT companies.

    Sometimes they struggle a lot and hence they prefer outsourcing QA companies like us to manage their testing section. As a result, they do not bother with the specific testing process.

    Factors deciding the number of testers required

    Various factors affect the numbers. Also, there is no set formula in order to decide the fixed number of testers in any IT company. Here we will get to know about the factors that play a significant role while deciding the allocation of the testers.

    Size of application:

    The scale of a project matters a lot while resource allocation. Further, the developers-to-tester ratio is highly dependent on this factor. Once we have a clear idea about the size of the project, we will be in a better position.

    Also, we recommend keeping a buffer because of some uncertain or unavoidable conditions. So, guys, always keep an analysis regarding the size of the project before deciding the number of testers required.

    Complications in the project:

    Complications are uncertain in coding and we cannot deny the fact. But the technical team should be capable enough to assure the complications up to some extent.

    Also, by seeing the requirement, complications can be estimated. And the level of complication is directly proportional to the number of testers. So, if the level of complication is higher, management should involve more testers and vice-versa.

    Level of expected quality:

    Another important factor that should be considered is the level of expected output. Quality is the ultimate goal of any software or QA company in India or anywhere else. Hence, when it comes to quality, people do not compromise.

    Hence, if the level of expected end result needs more quality, you need multiple testers. Also, being an experienced QA company in and USA and India we recommend, not to compromise with quality due to the lack of quality testers.

    If you don’t have a team, you can hire outsourcing QA company in India and they will do the QA for your project.

    Skills/Experience of available testers:

    The experience of testers matter a lot. Suppose, you have a small-scale project and you think one tester is enough behind 3 developers. But if that tester is fresher or has a few months' experiences, you will not get the expected result.

    Hence always allocate testers depending on their skill ability. A skilled and experienced tester can execute the tasks of multiple freshers and that too in a quick time.

    Also, it does not mean companies should ignore the fresh talents. But put focus on enhancing their skill set. Train them properly and allocate them tasks in chunks. Gradually they will learn the concepts and be able to perform as per the requirement.

    Challenges faced during the last project:

    While deciding on the testers to developer ratio, keep the historical records in mind. Whatever mistakes are made in previous projects should not be repeated in any case.

    For example: If your project’s deadline is missed because of a lesser number of testers, you should deploy more resources for the new one. Keep refining the process of execution and as a result, you will come out as a leading QA company in India and the world.

    Available testing environment and infrastructure:

    The testing environment and infrastructure should not be under-estimated when deciding the developers to testers ratio. Software development companies that are more into manual testing, need more testers as compared to those who have automation testing tools.

    As we know, no manual or low manual effort is involved in automation testing and we get great results in return. Hence, in this case, a lesser number of testers will also work. But if the company or project is manual testing dependent, the number of testers should be more.

    Also, during manual testing, we need multiple mind-set in order to cover all possible conditions.

    Deadline of the project:

    Here comes the last factor but it is not the least. This is the most important factor in the allocation of resources. If the project’s deadline is too short, obviously you need more resources.

    For faster development, more developers & designers are engaged. And when the speed of development is fast, we need quick simultaneous testing. In such a case number of testers will definitely be higher.

    Final Thoughts:

    So, these are the various factors that affect the testers-to-developers ratio. Also, there is no set thumb rule for a dedicated ratio of these teams.

    Even great experts cannot assure a fixed ratio of developers and testers in any company. Lots of things are involved which we have discussed above.

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    Further, software development and testing companies should always aim for quality delivery. And to achieve the same, they need to brainstorm for the allocation of testers and developers.

    Additionally, when it comes to hiring skilled software developers for your projects, QAble is the leading software testing service provider in India. Lots of development companies are associated with us.

    We are working as their partner company for quality assurance, providing not only top-notch testing services but also offering a pool of talented software developers for hire.

    Furthermore, individuals and companies can hire testers in India and USA exclusively from QAble. If you have any queries related to the topic or quality testing, feel free to contact us. We will be more than happy to help. Looking to your questions. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

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    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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