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How to Properly Test a Learning Management System

8 Apr
5 Minutes
Software Testing

Table of content

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    Table of Contents

    1. Fundamental Concept of Learning Management System

    The Learning Management System (LMS) is the most important pillar of the education system. Also, the system is not limited to schools or colleges only, but they play a crucial role across the industries as well. So one should be smart enough to judge the productivity of an LMS.

    We at QAble are a reputed and experienced quality testing company in India and hence we are here with the ways to test a learning management system. Also, we believe proper learning strengthens your professional knowledge and offers consistent growth.

    Moreover, a learning management system is not only required for development, designing, integration and implementation but also necessary for support. Clients expect the same treatment even after the handover of the project.

    The document should contain all the information including features of the product, deployment scenario, automation & manual testing along with management of the product. It helps them to run the application independently.

    So if you are looking to create an eLearning system, make sure that you are performing enough activities. Here we will discuss how a QA team should validate the robustness and excellence of a learning management system.

    Also, if you are looking to hire quality testers in India, QAble is your perfect service partner. We are providing software testing services in USA along with India. Further, we follow a dedicated testing model in order to assure the quality of web and mobile-based applications.

    Fundamental Concept of Learning Management System:

    Basically, a learning management system has two roles in which one Learner and the other Instructor. While testing, the testers must keep these two roles in mind. Also, don't ignore any of the roles while building test cases for the LMS.

    Moreover, prior to performing the test, the QA team must have a complete requirement document in order to validate whether the learning management system is meeting the requirement or not.

    Being a reliable testing company in India, we always recommend testers to perform the QA process only after getting accurate and complete documentation. So once the scope of the project is clear, it makes your testing process more dynamic and result-driven.

    How do develop test cases for learning management systems?

    Being a quality tester, you must know the significance of test cases. Hence here we will let you know the roles round which your test cases should revolve.

    As we have mentioned Above Learner and Instructor are the two basic roles that we need to test. Hence our test cases must focus on these roles as a priority. So in order to validate Instructor’s role perform the test cases as:

    • Dashboard Of Instructor.
    • Add, Update, Edit, Delete Etc Features For Instructor.
    • Course Loading Time.
    • No Bugs Should Be There During Transition Process.
    • Capability Of The System To Upload Large Media Files.
    • Automatic Analytics Generation & Report Management.
    • Retrieval of Assignment.

    Similarly, you need to build the test cases for Learners as well. With the test cases, you will get an idea about the user experience.

    • Dashboard Of Learner.
    • Module Structure Along With Design.
    • How Easily, Learners Can Get The Uploaded Courses.
    • Response Of Learning Management System Towards Various Clicks.
    • Ability Of The System To Manage The Communication Between Various Learners.
    • Cases for the Elements Of LMS Such As Features, Groups, Tasks, Assignment.

    Once you are good to go with these two roles, you are half way through the goal. But never perform it in hurry. Take your time and make sure the end result.

    How to test the efficiency of the learning management system?

    If you are looking to make your learning management system more efficient, quality-driven, and robust, you need to focus on testing. Testing is the only method that can make your system powerful, excellent, and goal-oriented. The following testing methods are useful to check the performance of the LMS:

    Automation Testing:

    Automated system checks reduce the scope of errors and risks that can damage the entire system. Also with automation testing, you save lots of time along with increased efficiency of the product. As a result, more time is available for the marketing of the product.

    In order to maintain the consistency of automated checks, developers should select the programming language accordingly. Hence with the process, you get a smart and appealing LMS as your end product.

    Moreover, QAble is a reputed and trusted automation testing company in India and USA, so if you need any kind of support, we are always available.

    Mobile Testing:

    The use of mobile is not hidden and if we call this world a mobile world, it will not be wrong. The majority of the activities are being managed through mobile devices only. Hence testing the LMS on mobile is a must.

    Testers must ensure to validate the features, functionalities, and user interface of the system across all mobile devices. Also, keep an eye on the resolution of the application during the testing process.

    Data Integrity Testing:

    As we know, the learning management system is all about data. Also, being a reliable quality testing company in India, we cannot afford to compromise the security of the data. So testers should always go for data integrity testing.

    Various test cases are required for data integrity testing and for its assurance, testers must perform the following testing methodologies:

    • Posture assessment
    • Security auditing
    • Risk assessment
    • Ethical hacking
    • Vulnerability scanning
    • Security scanning
    • Penetration testing

    Final Thoughts:

    So these are the ways through which we can create an effective, responsive, and interactive learning management system. Hence if you are planning for an eLearning web-based or mobile-based project, make sure to follow the mentioned testing activities.

    Apart from that, QAble is always available with quick support and prompt replies. You can also hire QA testers in India exclusively from here. Let us make your learning management system bug-free and result-oriented.

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