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How to Choose the Right Testing Method for the Specific Software Testing Process?

8 Apr
5 Minutes
Software Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. How to choose the right testing method?

    If you are looking for profit-driven software, quality testing is mandatory. And being a trusted software testing company in India, we are here to explain how to choose the right testing method for the specific software testing process.

    QA process comes under the process of the software development lifecycle as a definite section. The team checks the developed software against the requirement document and highlights the bug if found.

    The bugs are shared with the development team so that they could remove the same with an immediate effect. The process is kept on repetition till the time the QA team confirms zero bugs. Once the bug-free software is confirmed, it is moved into production.

    We have been in this industry for more than a decade and we know how an application should be tested. A proper testing process increases the worth of software in the market. Hence if you are planning to launch your mobile app, assure quality testing.

    How to choose the right testing method?

    QAble is one of the top software testing companies in USA. And we always follow the right protocol to make a product bug-free. Also, if you are looking to hire testers in USA or India, QAble is your final destination.

    We encourage the world to adopt the right and result-driven testing process in order to maintain the robustness and uniqueness of an application. Considering our experience, we are sharing the methodologies for the accurate testing process.

    Testing Objective:

    During testing, the QA team must decide the objectives for testing. These objectives maintain the sequence for testing. Moreover, objectives help to determine the potential of any application.

    So testers must have objectives in hand prior to going for testing. In order to ensure the objectives, you must have the complete project’s requirements in hand. If any requirement is missed, the objectives will not be proper and your testing will lose its direction.

    Models of Test Lifecycle:

    As we know, there are various testing models like Waterfall Model, V Model, Agile Model, Spiral Model, and Iterative Model. Each of these models has its own identity and achievements. The selection of any model is dependent upon the type of product and experience of the testing team.

    The Agile and Waterfall model is the most used model in the software testing companies of India and the USA. If you are unknown to these testing models, read them in detail. Without knowledge, things will be more complex and expensive.


    Documentation, is a process that must be followed during testing as well. We know records are the most important thing for any industry. During documentation, each minute detail is mentioned so that whenever anyone needs some information, he or she could take the reference.

    Also, as we know, resources are the unstable entity for any organization and documentation helps new resources to understand the old system in detail.

    For example: Suppose we have team A who has executed a QA process for any mobile application. After 2 years, these testers have left the job and new ones have joined. Now, the client comes back with a bug. New testers are unaware of the product. So when you have the right documentation, the new team will be able to take the reference with immediate effect. So we always recommend following the documentation process during testing.

    Risk Assessment:

    Whenever developers develop any software or mobile application, the risk assessment is done by experienced team members. Knowing risks protects the system from unwanted disturbance.

    As we know, risks are associated with software development companies. This is the reason, companies discuss all risks with the client and share solutions if possible. Furthermore, the plan B situation is always kept by the clients.

    For example, You want a “Hotel Booking App”. Now associated risks are like

    • Failure of the app with more than the expected range of people
    • Unauthenticated Login & Registration
    • Failure of the app on the server
    • Wrong API input/output

    So these threats/risks decrease the potential of any application. So during testing, testing companies must assess the risks to enhance the quality of testing.

    Knowledge and Experience of Testers:

    The quality of the testing process majorly depends on the experience & knowledge of a testing team. A smart and skilled team brings quality to the product because they have already come across lots of challenges.

    Hence their experience and relevant solutions make your testing process more qualitative and the least time taking. We are a leading QA company in USA and we have an experienced testing team. You can hire testers in USA exclusively from QAble.

    Identification of Similar Defects:

    See, we are in the testing domain for a decade and we know the worth of time. We cannot just take anything for granted. Each testing model needs some dedicated time only because when we cross the time, the budget gets increased automatically.

    So, we always recommend bifurcating similar bugs altogether. Because when developers get similar bugs as a whole, they fix them at once. Hence if you are looking to strengthen your testing process make sure to keep similar bugs aside.

    Final Thoughts:

    So guys, using these methods you will be able to acquire the best quality software. These testing methodologies will not only increase the quality of any newly developed application but also maintain a good relationship with the client.

    Our detailed blog will help you understand the ways to make your testing process more effective and business-driven. If you are looking to know more or have any queries regarding the blog, feel free to shoot your queries.

    Apart from that, if you are looking to hire testers in India or USA, get in touch now. We keep bringing potential articles related to quality testing, so always browse the page.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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