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Best Practices Software Testing That Every One Must Follow

12 Apr
4 Min
Software Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. The best practices are

    Did you know? IBM states that the cost of errors increases continuously. As a result, the bug costs you 30 times more than you discover them in the early stages.

    But have you ever realized the reason because of which bugs grow? If we talk about the conventional mindset, they prefer testing after complete development only. This approach is not right as it generates a scope of errors frequently.

    Hence we should always perform testing after the completion of each module. Recognizing bugs at the early stage is advantageous for the application as well. Also, if the team attends them earlier, we can maintain consistency of each phase during development.

    Here, we are mentioning some best practices that you should follow during testing. It will help startups as well as testing experts. So let’s start testing along with development to derive the best quality product.

    The best practices are:

    • Start finding defects from the requirement gather phase and Keep on doing that throughout the analysis and design phase.
    • Many problems exist in the system during planning or design. Requirements testing will help minimize future problems at a significantly lower cost.
    • Testers write test cases during requirements and share them with the development team. As a result, the test cases help developers to think outside the box. Also, they can evaluate more chances of failure in their code and plan actions in advance.
    • Since the testing process is involved with all phases, Management will not feel like testing is the bottleneck to release the product.
    • Involve everyone in the testing process: To ensure that your application meets the standards, you should engage everyone from developer to sales manager. Let them be the early users and listen to their suggestions and remarks.

    The combined process is going to increase product quality. Also, it will reduce the maintenance cost of the product. As a result, it will increase the overall productivity of the project. Happy Testing !!

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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