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12 Apr
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Mobile App Testing

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    Table of Contents
    1. Checklist for Mobile App Testing
    2. Benefits of the checklists

    The craze towards the use of the mobile application is continuously increasing, and the world is inclining towards it rapidly. Also, there is a massive growth of 58% of mobile application users in recent years. As per the analysis approximately 4.6 billion people are using mobile applications across the globe.

    It shows the number of users is increasing with each passing day. Hence, business owners are giving preference to the concept of mobile application development. We are mentioning the checklist for Mobile app testing that should be taken care of before the launch.

    Furthermore, innovative and engaging mobile application takes the businesses to the new heights, and if an app does not have expected appeal, people ignore it. Also, in this competitive world, you must be smart enough to get the maximum client’s reach.

    By being in the industry we have realized most applications are rejected due to bugs so, let’s have a quick view over the checklist that must be in mind during testing. The checklist will help the quality assurance team, even if they have a short time for testing.

    Now, before going to the checklist, keep smart strategies into consideration because the whole testing process revolves around these basic concepts.

    • Performance Testing
    • Interface/UI Testing
    • Security Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Compatibility Testing

    Checklist for Mobile App Testing

    These checklists will make the mobile application a perfect released product. Moreover, if the quality assurance team follows the tips, the chance of bugs will be lesser. Also, application development takes place with an intent to impress the world and earn income. So, these checklists are to help in that for sure. To ensure the comfort of the end-user, one should perform a usability test first.

    Follow these points under usability testing to increase the user experience:

    • The application should have a proper business name and logo.
    • Interaction and appeal of the application must follow the set pattern.
    • QA team should maintain responsiveness of application across all resolutions.
    • Navigation should properly work from one screen to another.
    • Texts, Images, and other media files should be visible to the end-user.

    Performance testing of mobile application:

    • During performance testing, keep an eye, to watch the load time of the application. As too much loading time influences the performance of the mobile application so it should not be the case.
    • Test the performance of the Splash screen while loading. It must not take more than 3-4 seconds.
    • Testers must test the application in the environment of low battery and while being on charging mode.
    • The validator must ensure the performance of the application at the time of installation and uninstallation.
    • Make sure to analyze the performance of the application at the No Network or No Internet zone. Ensure that the error message should reflect properly.
    • QA team must test an application after getting resumed from the Network coverage issue. Sometimes, response of application changes in such scenario hence one should definitely check it.

    Accessibility Testing of Mobile Application

    • The quality assurance team should check out the visibility of the screen.
    • Test the color combination should not pinch the eyes of a user.
    • Ensure the smooth working of the Zoom-In and Zoom-Out feature.
    • There should be the accurate working of buttons and other navigation options.

    Security Testing of Mobile Application

    • If the application has a payment gateway or data management option, security testing becomes essential. Always follow these points:
    • Ensure the security of payment information put by the users.
    • Performance of network while being in the activity of payment section.
    • Reporting of errors and breach in the security of the mobile application.
    • The authenticity of the users and the application’s permission.
    • The response of the application if the network issue comes when the payment process is active.
    • If the application is using Device ID as an identifier.
    • Maximum number of login attempts.

    Functional Testing of Mobile Application

    • Debug the errors of application at the time of registration including, captcha.
    • Test the script’s response.
    • QA team should test various validations under multiple environments.
    • The response of application towards the action of the user.
    • Exception handling testing.
    • The tester should always cross-check the response of APIs used in the application along with the Third-party.

    Testing of applications at various scenarios

    There are many situations in which apps do not respond. Hence, while testing, a tester must check the response of application at these unavoidable conditions.

    So always test a mobile application’s performance when:

    • A call comes.
    • A text message receives.
    • Notification of any other application flashes.
    • When the device has low storage space.
    • The phone gets switched off instantly.
    • Phone at Sleep mode or Airplane mode.
    • At intermittent activity.

    Benefits of the checklists

    • Maintains the performance of the application.
    • A quality product for the audiences.
    • Enhanced users’ engagement.
    • Increases sales and revenue.
    • Improvises the reputation of the organization.

    Moreover, we have created these checklists to develop a bug-free and productive application. Sometimes a silly mistake gets converted into a blunder one.

    Hence the quality assurance team should always be on their toes and cross-check the application as per the checklist. As a result, these checklists increase the performance of a mobile application.

    Now, make your application bug free and let the world know your vulnerability. Also, we always give priority to increasing the awareness of the product in terms of quality and reliability.

    Furthermore, testing is the integrated part of the development and ignoring it will lead the application towards the worst. So, one should always give priority to the quality, and it is only possible with sound testing.

    Apart from that, we will keep on adding more exciting concepts about the process. So, stay connected. Also, we never compromise with quality. Thank you for your time, and feel free to get in touch if any query comes.

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