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App Launch Checklist: The 10 Things You Should Include in Your Launch

8 Apr
5 Minutes
Mobile App Testing

Table of content

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    Table of Contents
    1. The 10 Things You Should Include in Your Launch

    In the present era, mobile applications are in great demand and it is not at all surprising because the majority of the audiences are available on mobile. So being a responsible mobile app testing services in India, we are here with what to do before launching an app.

    We know the market is very competitive and businesses should have a vibrant presence in the mobile world. When your application will be bug-free and easy to access by the users, it gains popularity, as a result of which businesses earn profit.

    Hence, knowing the concept of mobile app testing will benefit businesses in all ways. In this blog, we will get to know about the app launch checklist in which we have mentioned the 10 things you should include in your launch.

    The 10 Things You Should Include in Your Launch

    1. Detailed Market Research

    We are a well-known software testing company in USA, and hence we know the worth of doing market analysis. It benefits the application from all perspectives.

    So, before going live in the market, you must be aware of the market scenario. As we have already said, the competition is very high, and knowing the market will help in making your application successful.

    You need to figure out the demand ratio of the application in the market. How will people respond to it? If you have competitors, check out their performance and strategies. Also, check how your application is different from the existing application in the market.

    Moreover, if you are launching an application that is exactly the same as your competitor, there is no worth and all your efforts will be wasted. So, if you are planning to launch any application, do a market analysis for sure.

    Companies, ignoring the market scenario, suffer a lot because they get challenges unnecessarily. Furthermore, doing market analysis will not only improvise the version of your application but also generates a proper path for the success of your application.

    2. Quality Analysis

    Being an experienced software testing company in India, we always emphasize proper testing. Testing brings quality to the application and makes it more interactive & accessible. So before launching the application, testing is a must.

    As we know, any application is made to earn profit and popularity so it must have zero bugs. Furthermore, the application contains important data and we must keep it safe at any cost. Because businesses cannot compromise users’ privacy and data.

    In order to execute the right testing, we must follow an end-to-end software testing life cycle. The process ensures the quality and productivity of the application, as a result of which the app gains attention. Also, it keeps the application secure from unwanted hacks.

    3. Landing page for application

    An application is launched for the ease of the users. Also, the ultimate aim behind the application is to conquer manual issues. So, whenever you launch your application, you must wish it to be used by the right set of audiences.

    Hence, to reach them and make them understand the flow of an application, the landing page is needed. It helps users to understand the application properly.

    Apart from that, using the landing page, you can run paid campaigns via social media and search engines to promote the app.

    The step is mandatory because we cannot simply rely on the Google Play Store to promote our application. And without a proper and attractive landing page, you won’t be able to run paid campaigns.

    It increases the rate of conversions and businesses want the same.

    4. Notifications

    QAble is a leading mobile app testing company in India and we know the challenges faced by new applications. Hence, we always encourage businesses to have notifications for their application.

    You keep your users informed about the application through notifications. From time-to-time new features are added to the applications, but your audience will be unaware until you inform them. So, to inform them, notifications are required. Because of this reason, always analyze your app before launching.

    5. Evaluation of the App

    Accurate app evaluation increases its potential. Also, you will be able to get a better ROI for the app. Apart from that, app analytics help with the following:

    • User’s behaviour analysis.
    • Eases the decision-making process.
    • Delivers information regarding active users, devices, rate of retention, etc.
    • You can utilize the data efficiently to increase the worth of the app.
    • Brings realistic marketing goals.

    6. Video Marketing:

    Proper and detailed demonstration increases the engagement rate of the application. The demo video should contain complete information about the app so that it could make users curious to download the app.

    Example: We see product demonstrations on online shopping sites.

    7. Social Media

    Social Media is the most required platform for the promotion of any application. Without that, we cannot imagine the digital marketing of any application.

    It directs organic traffic to your application and also helps to manage your paid campaigns. Moreover, if the application has an official page, it will always be advantageous.

    8. Dedicated date to launch:

    To launch an application you must choose an auspicious date because as per our belief system it brings luck to the app. So you should always select the date or day that is lucky for you.

    Moreover, if you have a fixed date in mind, things will be on track otherwise the team will lose its direction.

    9. Team for support:

    This is the most important step that should be taken care of before the launch of the app. We don’t know how people will respond when our app will be launched. Also, whether they will be able to access the app or not.

    They might need support and assistance. So, your team should be on their toes in order to sort out the issues or doubts of the public. Also, their calls may get increased so they should be ready for everything.

    10. Set goals for the launch:

    Objectives are an integral part of any business and to acquire the desired result, you must have smart goals.

    The goal should be attainable and time-bound. When you have goals for your application launch, you will find yourself more synchronized and disciplined.

    Final Thoughts:

    So, guys, utilizing our decades of experience, we have mentioned the 10 things you should include in your launch. Furthermore, if you are looking to hire mobile app testers in USA or India, feel free to connect.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

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