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7 Reasons why you should consider outsourcing QA

8 Apr
QA Outsourcing Company

Table of content

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    Table of Contents
    1. Protect your source code
    2. Maintain Objectives
    3.  Improving your product
    4. Cost-efficient
    5. Create automated QA testing
    6. Domain expertise
    7. Flexible resources

    When your in-house development team is developing software and completing quality checks simultaneously, quality can be compromised, especially if the right method is not used.

    A more efficient and objective way to ensure the quality of your code is to have a professional QA team that separates software development from QA. QA outsourcing in India is the best way to get started with outsourced software development.

    You may have tried outsourcing software development with less successful results in the past, or you may have considered outsourcing but worried that it wouldn't work. But here are five great benefits of QA outsourcing that yields excellent results.

    1. Protect your source code

    When you outsource your software to QA outsourcing services, you do not disclose the source code to your outsourced partners.

    They will write test plans and work with software from an end-user perspective without actually touching any code. In this way, you will make no compromise on intellectual property.

    2. Maintain Objectives

    It is a good practice to maintain objectivity in developing your software and improving the overall quality to get development and QA by different teams or different vendors.

    Generally, if a team or company works on both development and QA, you must remove the objection. Software applications will not be evaluated seriously. You risk errors or the possibility that mistakes will be ignored.

    3. Improving your product

    You may think QA isn't really necessary, or you don't have enough testers in your team to complete QA. As such, you can usually skip the QA portion of software development.

    However, it is important to involve the QA outsourcing services in the development process as early as possible.

    By partnering with a QA outsourcing company in India at the beginning of the process, you will have the opportunity to detect errors before becoming part of the software design.

    4. Cost-efficient

    Money is the major factor that you consider while outsourcing any services. If you decide to build an in-house team, you would require to pay salaries of experienced testers and also have to invest in IT infrastructure.

    You also need to train your resources in accord with your testing standards. However, when you opt for QA outsourcing services, you can outsource the entire project at a fraction of cost.

    5. Create automated QA testing

    Once you understand the capabilities of the outsourced engineering team, you can think of more complex QA and development projects.

    To reduce the time to be released in the market, you may also decide to apply automated QA testing techniques which will be difficult for you to do.

    6. Domain expertise

    The most important advantage that QA outsourcing companies can offer your SDLC is the quality of the product in India.

    During software development, the quality assurance team spends most of their time learning about the domain to develop as committed domain experts with the industry.

    This allows them to test your product considering current industry trends, languages, technologies and threats. With QA outsourcing services, the result is better, stronger products that are related to current development.

    7. Flexible resources

    Whenever you look at a QA outsourcing company in India, make sure that the chosen company gives you complete control over the selection of resources easily.

    The outsourced QA team must be proficient with the latest technological trends and apply them to the client's business application.

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    Written by Nishil Patel

    CEO & Founder

    Nishil is a successful serial entrepreneur. He has more than a decade of experience in the software industry. He advocates for a culture of excellence in every software product.

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