Your All-In-One Bug Reporting Tool


Create Blazing Fast Visual Bug Reports

BetterBugs lets you take screenshots and record screens in just 2-clicks. You can create and share visual bug reports for better context and faster debugging sessions. You can also re-watch the last 2 minutes of your activity at any moment with Rewind so that you don’t have to worry about manually capturing bugs in action.


Run Efficient Debugging Sessions

BetterBugs auto-captures and adds dev tools information like console logs, network requests, system information, and much more with every bug report you create. With every bug report, give your developers all the details that they need to resolve issues on a fast track and enable frictionless debugging sessions.


Communicate Better Across Teams

BetterBugs has a zero learning curve with simple yet powerful and intuitive bug-reporting workflows. Whether you are a QA, developer, manager, support team member, or stakeholder, BetterBugs is for you. You can comment and follow up on issues with the real-time commenting feature on bug reports for shorter TAT.


Integrate Easily with Project Tools

BetterBugs seamlessly integrates with your preferred project management tools namely Jira, Slack, ClickUp, Linear, Asana, GitHub, and MS Teams. You can instantly share bug report links to your project tools so that you don’t have to manually paste issue details in your tools’ workspaces.

Save time and effort by creating and sharing detailed bug reports  upto 10X faster with BetterBugs and super-charge your bug-reporting workflows.


BetterBugs can create and share comprehensive bug reports and help your devs debug issues like a pro.

What is BetterBugs?

BetterBugs is a visual bug-reporting free Chrome extension. You can create and share detailed bug reports by taking annotatable screenshots, adding attachments, recording screens, and re-watching your last 2-minute activity with ease. You can report issues faster and debug better with these comprehensive bug reports.

How can I share bug reports with BetterBugs?

BetterBugs generates a link for all your bug reports. You can share this link with whomever you want to get the complete bug report with no hassles. You can also control the user privacy settings from your BetterBugs dashboard as per your project requirements.

What are the use cases of BetterBugs?

BetterBugs is a versatile tool that has a number of use cases in the software industry. It’s specially designed for bug-reporting and debugging workflows for QA and development activities in software. You can use BetterBugs to report software issues or defects by QA testers, developers, managers, support teams, and stakeholders.

How do I manage my bug reports with BetterBugs?

BetterBugs provides a dedicated dashboard for all users where they can manage all bug reports. You can also add members to your projects from the Betterbugs account settings to collaborate on your projects and control the privacy settings from within the dashboard.

Can I add details to my bug reports after capturing screenshots, recording videos, or getting the 2-minute rewind?

Yes. You can add all the details you want in all your bug reports. You can also add attachments like custom meta-data, doc files, PDFs, etc. to your reports before sharing the report link.

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