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83% of Internet Traffic is Linked with the API Based Services

–  Avoid misleads, Opt for smooth & functional API

Application Programming Interfaces (aka API) is a significant part required for integration testing. It confirms the performance of the software on different variables such as functionality, reliability, security, etc. Organizations across the world are adopting modern architectures that involve mobiles and Cloud services. These architectures require following certain protocols like SOAP, REST, XML, etc. We are here to offer you transcendent services for API Testing for your software.

Why Should You Do API Testing?

– Improper data transfer can screw things up badly.

API Testing is a crucial task for ensuring the smooth functionalities of your software. Here are the reasons to help you understand its importance.

The data is transferred by using XML or JSON for API testing. These types of data transferring allow the testers to select any language of their choice according to their requirements. 

Yes, time is an essential factor that determines the profitability of any type of testing. And, API Testing is one of them as it takes less time compared to other processes. WHY? The reason is that it requires less coding and better and faster coverage.

Get benefited from assessing the strengths & weaknesses of the features early. API Testing allows you to test these functionalities with ease.

Planning for GUI testing after completing API testing? Then, you can do that too! Thus, nothing can stop you from achieving the best quality such as a smooth interface, bug-free, and fast operation.

QAble’s Process of API Testing

QAble’s developers and testers believe in creating and developing a robust plan for API Testing. So what’s the process that we follow? Have a look at it below.

API Testing Service Benefits

Categorizing According to the Requirements

The first step is to categorize the API Testing on the basis of the test category. Through this, we understand which tests should be done first based on the goals.

Continue development

Data-driven tests are one of the crucial ways to conduct API testing. QAble ensures accurate API testing alongside continuous development of software


Parallel Testing

As soon as a new development arises, we test it right away. Thus, it saves time and shortens the release cycle.

Logging Calls

Logged data gives instant insight into the activities and their progress for the API functions. Hence, we can look back to find a problem and produce flawless software.

What Does QAble’s API Testing Service Include?

These are the following tests for the API Testing process we offer at QAble


Functional Testing

This is performed to test the end-to-end functions of your API.

Runtime Error Detection

Both manual and automated tests are run to identify errors and problems like resource leaks, etc.


Web UI Testing

Thirdly, Web UI Testing is performed to test the end-to-end functions of the whole system including the APIs.

Unit Testing

It is used for testing individual APIs and their functions.

Security Testing

The security tests involve various tests such as authentication, access control, penetration testing, and many more.

Load Testing

This test validates the performance and functions of your API system at different levels.


API testing is done to know if the software is performing likewise with the broad range of expected as well as unexpected requests. QA testers spot the edge cases and try to break the system so they can fix them right away.

QAble is a reputable QA software testing firm that specializes in providing comprehensive testing solutions, including API Testing. With a focus on quality, security, and client satisfaction, We helps businesses deliver reliable and efficient software products.

The significant test conducted for completing the API testing is Validation Testing, Unit, and Integration Testing, Load and Performance Testing, Run-time Error Testing, etc.
The different features of API include Paging, Authorization, Search by Criteria, Sorting, Rest or JSON Support, Sorting, etc.
The developers and QA team should have significant skills in programming tools, API designing, front-end development, coding languages, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Whether it is your API or an API Integration, double-checking with us is always a wise choice.

When it comes to API Testing, we do both manual and automated tests. Our testing team has significant experience in deploying API protocols to ensure quality above anything else. They are talented in different API protocols such as JSON, RSS, YAML, Gdata, REST, SOAP, RDF, and so much more.

Outsourcing your testing services with us will also give you the best opportunity to use the latest and best tools for quality testing. Double-checking everything before the final delivery also helps us to keep everything in check and optimize the business productivity to excel among your competitors.

Let’s align your APIs end-to-end.