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20% of your target audience have a certain disability

-Is your website accessible to them?

There are around 1 billion people worldwide who are specially abled, such as they have motor disabilities, hearing problems, color blindness, etc. So, it also becomes necessary to design our website by keeping them in our mind. Accessibility Testing is a combination of the automated and manual testing process to meet the requirements to reach the differently abled. We help you in making your software easily and equally accessible for all.

Make Your Website Accessible for ALL

It is now mandatory that the software complies with W3C’s ADA and WCAG. It means, people belonging to specially-abled categories can access and use your website smoothly. Accessibility Testing is the one way to reach out to this section of your target audience.

Why Do You Need Accessibility Testing?

Tap on the pain points and tame your objective to cater to the needs of the specially-abled. Achieve the finest quality and reduce the expenditure for a wide range of platforms and devices.

Build Positive Brand Image

In today’s time, where equality is demanded by everyone, as a brand it becomes very important to stand for a cause that makes a positive impact in the society, thus reflecting the brand’s ideology toward it.


Insights for Improvement

Accessibility testing integrated with the right strategy helps you comply with industry standards. QAble's expert recommendations help you solve all the problems every time.


Cost-Efficient Solutions

Now deliver your test results globally without any delay with quick results for accessibility testing. The best part is that you can do it in a cost-efficient way.


Accessibility Across Various Platforms

Improve your software reach across various platforms, whether it is mobile or web.


No Legal Penalties

The main aim of Accessibility Testing is to make your software usable for specially-abled audiences. Reduce the chances of non-compliance and suffering from penalties with our reliable solutions.

This is What We Do for Accessibility Testing

Find critical issues and set the right priorities to solve them

The first step of Accessibility Testing is to spot the gaps or faults to correct them. We look into the mandatory compliance needs for WCAG. Then, we conduct the test to detect bugs and flaws and fix them.

The main task includes both manual and automated testing processes. We use assistive devices to scan the faults and create a detailed report for text execution and changes. So, your software reaches people having disabilities like low vision, blindness, and others.

We do various evaluation tests to find the possible fixing points. Different customers and organizations have different requirements so we take care of everything that satisfies your customer needs.

Our testing and development team works together and recommends how to fix everything on time.


QAble’s Services for Accessibility Testing

Be Accessible, Be Exceptional. We believe in prioritizing your goals and critical issues and solving them at the earliest. These are the following services we offer for Accessibility Testing.

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End-to-End Testing

QAble is dedicated to utilizing the advanced approach of both manual testing and test automation. We analyze and monitor everything in detail through the development and deployment.

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Paired Testing

Our critically certified team consists of non-sighted and sighted engineers capable of completing all the checkpoints. Hence, they figure out efficient ways to match the current experience with the objectives.

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Innovative Testing Tools

QAble’s adept team follows the shift-testing approach. They are amazing at handling crucial tools required for the task, such as Access Color, A-Checker, Functional Accessibility Evaluator, and many more.

Web Descriptions

Need an expert for web descriptions? You don't need to hire a professional separately for this task as we are already here for that. We have a talented team of subject matter experts who write enthusiastic and engaging long descriptions, alt texts, etc., for all your pages.

Document Accessibility

As a testing service provider, QAble provides solutions through PPT and PDF, which are easily accessible.

Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us for Accessibility Testing?

QAble understands the importance of making things equally accessible, be it big or small. And we take pride in it.

  • Our knowledgeable accessible testers strategically craft test strategies for every single task.
  • We make a detailed checklist based on the guidelines and strategies.
  • We help in optimizing the brand’s presence without much hassle.
  • Significantly, we prioritize compliance with the accessibility standards to prevent you from any legal penalties.



One of the common limitations of accessibility testing is you cannot automate it, which saves time and costs.

It improves the accessibility to customers having physical disabilities, gives relevant information to the users, increases the customer base, etc.

The website content should be Understandable, Operable, Robust, and Perceivable. These are the four main types of Accessibility according to WCAG.

The tools used for accessibility testing are W3af, Google Nogotofail, Acunetix, SQLMap, ZED Attack Proxy, etc.

Accessibility testing ensures that your project is inclusive and usable by all users, regardless of their abilities. QAble is a QA Software Testing Company in India that delivers top-notch testing services with a customer-centric approach and a focus on excellence, reliability, and efficiency.


Let’s Make a Positive Impact.