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7 benefits software testing sdlc
The software has made human life protected & relaxed, and to acquire both, the software must be accurate in terms of output otherwise public will ignore it. It is the reason testers always analyze software prior to launch in the public domain. The quality Assurance team performs testing in various phases in which security testing is one.

What is SDLC?

Software development comprises of well-defined phases that are popularly known as the Software Development Life Cycle. Software development starts with the gathering of requirements where the development team understands the demand of the client.

After a complete discussion, the team prepares a prototype design and sends the same for the client’s approval. Based on their feedback, the team does required improvisations and moves towards development. Once the development team writes code and completes it as per the requirement document, the testing team takes over the process.

The SDLC (Software Development Life Cycle) has below mentioned phases:-


Role of QA (Quality Assurance) team in software development:

QA team checks the whole code along with the design and compares it with the client’s expectations. Security is something with which none can compromise. More than 90% of the applications carry real data of the public, which increases the demand for security with the highest possible protocol. Due to this reason the testing team always ensures the performance of an application from the security point of view.

Here we will get to know about the benefits of security testing in the Software Development Life Cycle, and if you are still not taking this seriously, you are making the biggest mistake. The world is too competitive, and people are even smarter hence the technocrats must develop something that should be secure, innovative, creative, and engaging.

Do you know about secure SDLC and why one should pay attention to it?

Secure SDLC process, set up the entire development process by following all the security protocol that keeps the system protected from all kinds of external threats. Basically, a secure SDLC is a framework whose prime responsibility is to maintain the security of the software.

7 Benefits of Security Testing in Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC)

Security testing is one of the integrated parts of software development, and one should always verify the system’s performance in terms of security and privacy.

1. Cost Saving

Following security testing during SDLC saves costs by highlighting the bugs at the very early stage. Developer fixes all the bugs instantly as a result, time and cost both save. If you ignore security testing, the privacy of the users is compromised. It will lead the system to bigger losses.

2. Protection from external attacks

Security testing reduces the risk of attacks by showing all the errors during the testing process. With the growth of technology, the security of the application is equally important. It becomes mandatory if there is any process of transaction and users’ personal data.

3. Saves Time

Getting errors at the initial stage of development saves time. Fixing bugs during development takes less time because the coder knows what to fix and where to fix it. If errors come during production, it takes time as well as reputation compromises. In today’s era, time is money, so do not forget to run security testing in order to deliver well-secured software.

4. Reduced intrinsic business risk

With the help of security testing, the team verifies software at all possible grounds. QA team ensures to follow a well-planned security testing so that the data of end-user could always be safe. If the security of an application is not proper, its reputation lowers, and as a result, the whole business comes at a risk.

5. Guaranteed quality product

Security testing brings quality to the software. During security testing, the QA team highlights all the bugs, and the development team removes the same instantly. This process brings quality to the software. Quality is the most influential aspect of any application, and one should never compromise with it, in any case.

6. Increase the demand for software

If the software doesn’t have any security flaws, it gains the user’s attention automatically. A secure system gains users’ trust and belief that increases the demand for the software. Rating and reviews are the elements that identify the popularity of the software.

One should always maintain a higher rating with positive reviews. If your application is free from bugs and does not have security related issue, then your system will always be in great demand.

7. Overall business growth

Quality drives traffic, and traffic drives revenue. As a result, there is overall business growth. Users expect one thing i.e. data privacy. If the data of the users are safe, people automatically give their favor. More people bring more revenue, and it ultimately increases the growth of the business.

Hence these are the well-known benefits of security testing in SDLC. The advantage of security testing is limitless, and one can experience the same by practical implementation. Hence in order to get accelerated business growth, always perform security testing.

If your system is secure, you will grow amazingly. We will keep on adding the new knowledgeable content in the series so stick to us. Keep browsing the page to know more about the achievements of the information technology world.

One should always maintain a higher rating with positive reviews. If your application is free from bugs and does not have security related issue, then your system will always be in great demand.

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