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Functional Testing Vs Automation Testing
Functional Testing vs Automation Testing: What’s the Difference?

In our previous blog, we have explained functional testing in detail. We have discussed functional testing along with types of functional testing. If you haven’t read that yet, click on the link for the detailed information. In this blog, we

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What is Functional Testing? Types of Functional Testing

Testing is one of the major processes of software development without which none of the deployment takes place. Also, with testing, we get to know the performance of any application in the real world. Testing ensures the productivity of software

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How Google Tests Software – What We Can Learn from Google?

If we talk about the world’s successful companies, the list will be incomplete without Google. The company does not need any kind of formal introduction, its name is enough. There will be hardly any of us in today’s era who

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How To Test In A High Developer-To-Tester Ratio?

The most debated concept in the software development companies in India & world revolves around the ratio of testers and developers. How many testers should be there for developers? Is one tester enough for 3 developers or 4 developers? The answer is yet

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