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Top Mobile App Testing tools
Top 7 Mobile App Testing Tools for Android And ios

Mobile phones come under the essential tools of human life. As per the studies, the download of 500 million mobile applications takes place daily. Out of these, only 33% of applications remain on the users’ mobile devices. The number is

Mobile App Testing company
What Is Mobile App Testing And How To Do It?

We all are living in an era of Mobile technology where everything is running on tips. Previously a period was there when computer systems were much in use for various online applications, and on contrarily, nowadays, technologies are mobile-driven. Everything

What is Cross Browser Testing
What is Cross Browser Testing and How to perform it?

Cross Browser Testing assures the working ability of any website across all existing web browsers. We can also understand it as the compatibility of websites at various Web Browser. It is a kind of non-functional testing through which we test the functions

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